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Rhodoks step up

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speaking of campaign difficulties...........can you change campaign difficulty midgame or do you have to start over.  im thinking about going back to hard since they fixed that bug.


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You can change in game but some effects take long to override. Once enemy castle is garrisoned by 150 huscarls, setting difficulty to normal will not turn them in to peasants :wink:


Rodrick said:
(Ok, now I feel totally miserable. Just started my war against them. Rough times ahed.)
With a light heart and a strong will, you will prevale. I forsaw it in my toast :grin:.
EDIT: Wow this thread is starting to hurt my head.
rhodok spearmen weak?  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: yah right. they are only weak  when xbows arent doing there job right or you have them out of a formation. otherwise they pwn.

there is a reason they carry spears.1. spears stop cavalry. 2. spears are good in a formation in where they can suppor teachother ( as in not every spearmen has another person to fight thanks to  the xbows and they can go 2 ro more vs 1) 3. spears have a good pearcing damage good against armored types a.k.a people most likely to survive the archer barrage ( and sharpshooters go through most shileds)

there infantry are nothing like any other faciton. they are not ment to charge in anything other then formation and because warband doesnt feature phalanxes they arent ment to charge. they arent good when a fight gets chaotic, they are infantry ment to delay and finish off a weakend enemy (cosnidering they have board shields and any smart player will put his x bows on a hill which means that the xbows can support hte infantry)

althought they would be better if there was a double line formation


There is a double line formation. Have them hold position and then tell them to stand closer. You can make the group less wide and longer that way. I think it would be a cool idea to implement a braced spear function, like in Native Expansion. It's like couching for spears (and only certain ones, like the awlpike). It worked really well in NE and turned mashed cavalry with it.


I added a custom pikeman troop to the rhodoks and they seemed to work quite well. Only thing is... How are they going defend against sieges? I think that's why the rhodoks get small weapons.
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