rework perk order and remove learning limit

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training companions to be decent governors and captains can take irl weeks because many of the perks are in the 200's, to mitigate this i think the order of perks should be reworked so that governor / captain perks are front-loaded allowing both more rewards to go deeper into the tree as the player and to make companions less of a chore to make into good governors. as an example here is front-loaded tactics:
On The March​
Pick Them Off The Walls​
Counter Offensive​
Tight Formations​
Asymmetrical Warfare​
Small Unit Tactics​
Law Keeper​
Elite Reserves​
Swift Regroup​
Pre Battle Maneuvers​
Tactical Mastery​
Call To Arms​
Make Them Pay​
Gens d'armes​
Loose Formations​
Proper Engagement​
Horde Leader​
governors perks end at level 75(was 250)
captain perks end at level 200(was 250)
governor are needed in more numbers then captains so their prioritized but captain leveling is still improved. stewards perks can probably remain the same since it doesnt have captain perks and governors get steward xp when they are working as governor

another suggestion is to remove learning limit. while i understand having xp slow down to make usage of focus points and stat points more important the minimum xp modifier shouldnt go below x0.01 so that players can still make some progress in their leveling even if minor. reaching a hard cap is an unfun roadblock for players essentially punishing them for no reason
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