SP - General Skills/Perks system need rework

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The skills/perks trees are the same for both main character, family member, companions. This problem to show how lazy design
The captain/govenor should be in seperate trees, If set a companion into a formation and when these troops make kills, companions will gain captain exp which use to develop perks in captain trees same as gorvenor
The companions who specialize in specific job should have their unique perks lines. The skills/perks are just too small bonus to notice
Companions leveling skills very hard, some say starving troops to increase medicine, blocking enemies attack for them to land hit... many weird tricks. Why this game ask us to play the system more than enjoying the game and have a way that increase skill experience naturally, that's why people asking for books. Why don't just create an immersive way to increase these skills ? a training ground, a trainer that help us to train our troops/companions. or even more, improve the companions AI, make them smarter so they can train their combat skills themselves if we throw them into battle with not too much outnumber
I post many thread that talk about the perks system suggestion, but not a single answer at all. Maybe this thread too but I write what I think after playing sometime, please taking a look TW
If anyone has suggestion please coment below, I wish for Bannerlord will be better as time pass
I agree it need a new look.
But also on how to level the ai members. Some skills are very hard. Like tactics.
I agree it need a new look.
But also on how to level the ai members. Some skills are very hard. Like tactics.
some tricks on youtube and reddit said that we need to do some weird things to increasing skill level like starving troops to increase medicine, Imagine that your troops get full today but starve tomorrow and then the next day will sink in beer and meat lol
I think perks overall should be more general. Allways do _something_(IE have a "Clan leader", a "Party Leader" and a "Governor" effect.) "Personal", "Captain" and party-role based effects are a bonus/complement to this.
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