1. Lornloth00

    SP - General Procedurally Generated Troop Trees, very good for late game

    Troops trees that the game can procedurally generated from awful troop trees with awful units to exceptional troop trees with exceptional units and most of the time some mediocre troop trees with mediocre units. The units will use equipment from either the base game and mods so that they could...
  2. sh1ny4

    Unit specific wage

    I do not know if it is the correct place to ask but please give us the possibility to give to each troop a specific troop wage that is not tied to the level, something along the lines of wage="X" in the XML, it would be greatly appreciated !
  3. Lornloth00

    SP - General Colored text when facing hostile units on the battle field.

    When the player is facing an ally in Warband there would be green text with a dark background that showed that they are allies or on our side of the battle and the opposite is true for enemies, no green text and dark background. This made it easy to play the game without banners hovering over...
  4. Ishapar

    Favorite/Least Favorite Troop

    So which troop in the game is your favorite and least favorite troop? It doesn't have to be a top-tier unit; if your favorite is a farmer than it is legit. Feel free to explain why you like this unit in M&B. I guess I'll start off. Mine has to be the mamluke. The first time I encountered...
  5. Lornloth00

    SP - General The one man left scenario in Sieges

    Sometimes in a siege there is just one man left that gets stuck some where in the scene that is hard to find. If this happens when there is just one unit left the game should declare the side with more than one unit after a set amount of time the victor of the siege. If the player is...
  6. FiftyTifty

    [Modding] Adding custom units to settlement recruitment pools, & bandit parties?

    There's no modding subforum, strangely enough, so I'm posting this here. In the past, I used ATC Troop Changer as a requirement for my Diverse Troops And Bandits mod, which added female variants of every troop. But, apparently, there have been features added to the engine that make it much...
  7. Lornloth00

    SP - Battles & Sieges Men crying out for their mother while dying.

    When units are wounded and dying on the battle they could cry out in pain for their mother or something to make a battle seem like hell and more realistic. Some of them could be reach out with their hands begging for help. Some of them could just being moaning and scream in pain with some...
  8. Lornloth00

    SP - General Companions are incharge of upgrading units. Automated upgrades for units.

    How about companions can be a clan role that upgrades a certain number of units to a specific tier so that the player doesn't have to? Their could be a clan role for companions like 'unit commander' or 'master trainer' with a dialogue that sets up an order of 50 Imperial legionaries and 50...
  9. SP - General Allow players to assign all "discovered" Troop Types to different Group Formations

    One of the most annoying aspects of the Party System at the moment is the Troop Groups that constantly shuffle around because of Prisoners/Clan Parties/Garrisons/etc resetting their Formation Type upon changing hands for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Not only that, but if I don't have immediate...
  10. Faulty

    Resolved e1.5.9 - Tier 5 Mercenary Cavalry has worse equipment than Tier 4 Mercenary Horseman

    Summary: Tier 4 Mercenary Horseman has a shield, and body armour with 49 points of armour Tier 5 Mercenary Cavalryman loses his shield, and drops to 48 points of armour on his body armour How to Reproduce: Check the Units Encyclopedia Media (Screenshots & Video):
  11. Resolved Child Units

    I uninstalled all my mods verified my integrity and all the mercenary units are children models and are unkillable. The game runs 100% besides these unkillable little demons.
  12. BrokenOlive

    Resolved Broken troops images

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2423852878 Broken colouring. It also happens to regular troops.
  13. WouLinX

    Bannerman Unit (Give Your Vote)

    I think everyone can agree that there need to be banners in Bannerlord. None of us know why the banner is not placed in the vanilla of the game. This issue has been the subject of discussion many times, but my goal is not to discuss it here. How can it be added? My opinion on this subject is as...
  14. Apocal

    Resolved Steppe Bandit Boss has no Bow skill.

    He does have 120 Throwing and no thrown weapons though.
  15. Resolved The Perk "Veteran's Respect" doesnt work on Raiders

    the Khergit bandit unit upgrades to "Raiders" at max without "Veteran's Respect" but even though i have it upgrading still isnt possible i also had forest bandits that upgraded to Fians with no trouble so its working partially while i am using mods none of the mods change my perk effects or the...
  16. Medivhtratos

    Resolved Wrong Unit/Troop stats

    So this is just a little bug, but at least it is one :smile: Some Units doesn´t have the "right" stats, regarding their type Still, best example: Battanian Oathsworn(Infantry) Skill: 130 Riding, 80 Athletics Aseri Veteran Faris(Horse Skirmisher) Throwing: 80 => Aserai Faris, one Tier lower...
  17. Mercenary Guard forgets to bring crossbow

    Mercenary Guards had crossbows since release. In e1.5.0 they dont have any - but they are classed as Ranged. They only have tiny tooth pick swords - thats it. talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight..
  18. Holy Shift

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Aserai Tribesman (Tier 2) Equipments

    First, i'll tell you i never played in Aserai faction. That means both my opinions are little bit from far view and i look objectively. I think Aserai Tribesman spear must replaced with basic one handed sword and javelin or maybe just with one handed sword. My main reason to see this better is...
  19. Siege Formations Bug

    Hi, I made a mod that edits the spnpccharacters.xml - basically units wear different armour etc to the base game. - Mod Link Unfortunately a side effect of this is that in siege battles, formations are no longer working correctly - they are fine in normal battles. Everyone is bundled into two...
  20. Can we please get a button to organise units?

    A button in the party menu to categorise or sort units by archers, infantry, cav etc. O reven something to organise them by tiers. Just a quality of life change. Thanks
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