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Thats nothing , many top tier items are like 100x overpriced, crossbows now cost 40k instead of 20k xD , i found a top tier lamellar armor for 621k , the pricing got messed up again


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I am trying to figure out the system in place for equipment pricing... it seems simple enough to have a range of categories that define a named weapon type- then within those ranges the higher end of damage, swing speed, and tier set the higher prices. Finally, a separate category of rarity could add a simple multiplier on the price determined already. Common x1 Forged x1.1 Regional x1.2 Occasional x1.3 Rare x1.4

If forged items are added into a pool their attributes within category high/low set a base price.

Are shop shortages and resource shortage actually taken into account? I know wars affect prices and some shops not resetting the equipment but it seems many shops never reset equipment offered anyway.

High tier horses and armour should definitely be the most expensive with high ammo load ranged weapons next.

BTW- are throwing knives supposed to be civilian equipment? Can't figure out why they cost so much vs other throwing weapons that come in larger stacks and do more damage with higher range and speed.
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