1. Resolved Incorrect average price indicator update during barter

    Summary: Buying goods changes the price. There is an indicator showing the price relative to the average. This average is not correctly updated as seen in the images. The price only increases by a fraction while the relative price indicator jumps from 36% to 'close to average'. Since there are...
  2. metafa

    1.6.4 Price policy

    Absolutely hate the new price policy in multiplayer. A horse archer is still insanely difficult to play correctly and more importantly to play consistently efficient. And now it costs whooping 250 gold which really takes more or less half the time of the round to come by for the average player...
  3. Stache73

    SP - UI Trade/Goods list soting to stay pervasive from market to market

    Hi, thnaks for a super game! I am addicted :) I would like the trade/goods/market list to stay (pervasively) sorted the way I chose to sort the list from town to town so that if for example I sorted the goods list ascending by value of goods, I would like the list to still be sorted that way in...
  4. Premackattack

    SP - Economy World Economy vs Gear Economy

    26 hours in and I think I broke the game. i love it, but, it's now definitely broken. I've got two issues with the economy that others are talking about elsewhere, but I'll outline how one fix might help both issues. Without the fix, I'm not playing Bannerlord, I'm playing GodSmith Simulator...
  5. hsngrms

    SP Native Profitable Workshops

    Profitable Workshops mod changes default workshop parameters to make them more profitable starting from day 1 (day 0 is first buy date). List of modifications Workshop buy price = 1 denar (Game default = 12k+) Daily expense = 1 denar (Game default = 25 or more) Production change cost = 1 denar...
  6. Andrei[beast]

    [beta 1.4.2] peasant recruits from every factions on existing save are priced 580 instead of 20

    Pretty self explanatory from the title Every peasant that i try to recruit from farms or cities are worth 580 a normal recruit/volunteer tier 2 infantrymen are worth 1200+ and not to talk tier 3 worth about 5000+ I made another save and on that one they are worth the normal value, quess i'll...
  7. Tsewe

    Resolved Companion's Price

    Just to let you know that it has been said that companions' expensive prices were reduced in 1.2 Beta (because of equipment). However I just started a new game with 1.2 yesterday and I met 2 companions with insanely high prices: - Selun the Alone in Onira asked for more than 7 000 denars -...
  8. Trade Improvement Offer

    Why not make color prices in the trade not only of my product, but also of the city? So it will be much easier and more convenient to position yourself as a trader. You don’t have to review each product for half a day, checking the price by hovering over it. (used google translator hope you...
  9. Price Balancing

    Item "Ridged Iron Sword" - 562g tier 3 Item "Iron Arming Sword" - 173g tier 3
  10. MountainBladesMan

    Armor Should Be Much Cheaper, Upgrading Should Be Much More Expensive

    I hate how they jacked up the prices for armor and equipment, even after the last patch. I saw helmets, very nice helmets but still just helmets, going for over 10k. That is completely unreasonable seeing as it was only marginally better than an alternative helmet which was 10x cheaper (which is...
  11. Xelot

    Village prices bugged

    I tried a merchant run and noticed that village prices don't change no matter how much of an item I buy or sell. This is a minor EA issue, but I still wanted to point it out.
  12. ozturka

    Trading Prices - Data

    I was so bored of going forth and back between visited cities for selling stuff. So I created an excel sheet for easy trading. I buy/sell according to it. I just check the villages, buy them if the prices are good. Then sell it to cities that have a good price. Here is a photo preview...
  13. How much will Bannerlord be in CAD

    Hi, On the steam forums they announced the price for Bannerlord to be $49.99, but i was wondering if that number was for USD. Will it be $49.99 for me in Canada or will it be higher. Thanks :)
  14. Speculating Delay, Lengthy Read

    I can't believe this flew right over my head, but TaleWorlds is located in Ankara, Turkey. For those that don't know, in 2016 there was a failure of a coup d'état attempt that swept across all of Turkey, and a severe crack down by government officials quickly afterwards. One of the main places...
  15. Homeless_Pickle

    Is there a reason that their pricing it at £10 more than Warbands original release?

    I mean, I am in love with this franchise and I am so god damn hyped for bannerlord...but £40 is alot. Especially considering that warband was £10 less, and very hyped for it's time. I thought they'd make the same price range as they always had, however, it's suddenly so god damn expensive, I...
  16. 9yearsago

    If I buy Early Access

    If I buy the game in early access state, will my purchase be carried on to the full release when it comes out? They said price won't go up in full release but let's assume that it did, am I going to need to pay only the price difference between EA and full release or something else?
  17. Jeremus_Monk

    Price for Russia

    Hi devs. It’s good to be aware that after 40 days we will finally be able to play singleplayer mode. But you indicated the price, only for USA/Europe/UK. I would like to know the price will be reduced for Russia?
  18. pistolasxD

    Price conversion from Dollar to Euro

    Hey guys what do you think about the game price being the "same value" in Euro and Dollar even though 49,99€ is 54,03$
  19. paladinx333

    Early Access Information Requested

    It is less than one month until the early access period begins (March 2020). There are several things that I would like to know. 1. What is the exact date that the game will be available? 2. What will the price be? 3. Will it be possible to purchase the game before it is available in early...
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