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  1. SP - Economy The price of player made weapon is TOO HIGH

    Now it is like a bad joke. Having got 10k starting capital and spent 2-3 hours to get 150-200 points in SMITHING you may create two-hand swords of 4-5 level components that would cost 110-115k gold. It is super imbalancing IMHO. In 4 hours from the start of campaign I've got 600k gold... and...
  2. Bannerman Man

    Resolved [Workshop Issue] Every tannery on the continent is going bankrupt after 200 days. All tanneries are gone within 250 days. Two major issues.

    Summary: All tanneries in the world are starting to go bankrupt after 200 days, and are completely gone within another 50 or so days. Bankruptcy taking 200 days is due to a specific reason: all workshops start with 10000g in capital, and npcs pay 50g in wages per day to workers. So, 10000 / 50 =...
  3. Bannerman Man

    SP - Economy [Suggestion] Add a simple conditional statement for towns that have fallen below 1000 prosperity.

    (The suggestion is at the bottom if you want to skip the context) Context: Beta 1.4.1 has uncovered some large flaws in the way prosperity is handled at very low values. The extreme warfare has driven some towns down to or close to 0 prosperity due to constant sieging and raiding. Here are...
  4. darksoulshin


    INTRODUCTION: This thread was created for the need to manage equipment prices on the market mainly, to regulate the maintenance of armies and to remove from the loot that RNG that makes the nose turn up since it does not make you find what you saw on the field. This thread is closely related to...
  5. Price Balancing

    Item "Ridged Iron Sword" - 562g tier 3 Item "Iron Arming Sword" - 173g tier 3
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