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N0body said:
Awesome, but not much so. Sadly every time we try to host the new mod, the server crashes...
Odd: it was working fine for me just before, and I downloaded the uploaded files then compared to my development version, to ensure nothing was missed or corrupted. No error messages? Does it crash immediately, when the first player connects, or some time after? Have you tried a clean full download rather than the patch?


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Actually, it works now. Weird. It was crashing instantly, but now it's launching fine without any issues. Wonderful! :smile:


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Read the bug report thread and you will see why :wink:

Edit, you'd possably miss it, its quite small in a packed post so here is a quote

Vornne said:
I Do not get this: how I can set stock counts on 0 and set desire stock on 100(for example) to give maximum profit for players in my strategic points? To be clear: I Want start stock to be 0 and I want reward players for getting it to 100.
The scene maker just sets the target stock counts, and the server hosters decide how much starting stock there is with a server setting. I will change the default of the server setting for starting stockpile percentage (scale_squad) from 100% to 50%, just to help make hosters aware it exists, since I keep having to educate people about it.


Husselism said:
I got some problems with the new version. i updated it and now i cant edit my scene it chrashes always when im try to load it
Try a clean full install rather than the patch.
Loppen said:
Vornne -> Spoiler log for 4.0.0 links to wrong post in this thread.
Ah, was in a hurry and forgot to update it; fixed now, thanks.
hirovard said:
Read the bug report thread and you will see why :wink:

Edit, you'd possably miss it, its quite small in a packed post so here is a quote
Correct, it's the default value of the scale_squad server setting: if hosters had set it in their configuration, nothing will change.

Von Blucher

Just to say I think the food change is fantastic.

Also. the changes to linen since beta 7 have been pretty dramatic from what I have seen. I saw a stockpile of 1000 (starting is 10).


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Good work Vornne, it has been a pleasure playing your mod. I remember my first days on this mod and how much it changed from just plain deathmatch with a few features to this awesome mod for Mount & Blade.


Great mod, I am, however having difficulties with the moneymaking skills (i.e. everything) any tutorial I must have missed in the long thread?
Hi, great mod I've tested !

Tell me, are the files OSPs ? I mean, can I use them for another Warband mod ? (for example if I want to take one  .brf file and the corresponding textures)
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