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Persistent World was one of the most popular modifiactions for Mount & Blade Warband. As no other team is currently interested in making a successor to it, we at the Avrasia Bannerlord Community decided to take up the torch and bring this great experience to the Bannerlord community! The new engine, increased moddability and tools available to us allows for a heightened experience where the sky is the limit.

The Team​

  • Mentalrob - Main Developer
  • Errayn - Swiss Army Knife
  • Alverrt (SogukAteS) - Developer / Project and Community Manager
  • Santafor - Community Manager

What is Persistent Empires?​

Persistent Empires is an upcoming multiplayer mod for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. We intend to keep true to the basics of what Persistent World was, while expanding on it with lack of Warband's limitations. We hope to create a medieval open world with:
  • Different classes that allow for further customization.
  • Diplomacy/Factions, wars, field battles & sieges.
  • An interactive, player-led economy which will affect finances arount the map.
  • A resource gathering & crafting system.
  • An array of optional immersion systems to allow for extensive roleplay scenarios.
This is by no means a comprehensive list and we post regularly in our discord.


When will it be released?
When it is ready. We are working day and night and making great progress, but we do not want to disappint by falling to make a release date. We will let you know as soon as we know. However, we may host an open/closed beta for testing early.

Will it be open source?
This is still being decided on by the team.

Where can I find more information about Persistent Empires?
You are more than welcome to discuss the mod in this thread, or head over to our discord here (we will be checking discord more oftenly than this thread):

I have a suggestion for the mod. Where should I post this?
Come to our discord our server and post your suggestion to related channel.

Are you looking for developers to help with making the mod?
Not currently.

What is the scale of the mod going to be like?
The first map will be around 7.84 km². For this map, we plan to have 1 big city, 8 castles, 9-10 villages, 4 mines and a bandit camp, though these numbers will change for balance purposes. The distance between these is roughly equivalent to how far things were in Persistent World, just with more locations on a bigger map. We hope to allow 500-1000 player servers, should the game allow this.

Due to popular demand, we have decided to open a Patreon! Your support is highly appreciated and of course, we wish to give back what we can for your generosity. There are multiple levels of support to choose from, each with unique benefits to reward you for your loyalty. We will be adding more tiers as we are able to sustain them. Thank you again for supporting Persistent Empires!

Thanks to Roy for the thread template.
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This is the definitive PW successor, I started following these guys when there was yet nothing to show and very quickly they created so many features from nothing. They are working very diligently and have new stuff to show every day.
Its super incredible what these guys are achieving and so quickly. I expect this mod to kickoff a massive influx of people into bannerlord provided TW improves the servers. Keep it up guys! You guys rock!
Please halt development. You are going to take people away from cRPG mod. cRPG is best mod. We need as many people playing it as possible.
This is not a suggestion.
Please halt development. You are going to take people away from cRPG mod. cRPG is best mod. We need as many people playing it as possible.
This is not a suggestion.
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