Once Upon A Time (Idea)

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Hi, so, brand new here and not really sure where to start.
Basically, i never modded or have any knowledge on the matter in fact. I am however a huge Mount and Blade fan and played a LOT of mods for Warband, (GOT,LOTR,Star Wars...etc) Big Overhaul Mods. Needless to say i loved them of course! And i've also seen that some people are working on them for Bannerlord.
However, recently i've found myself watching Once upon a time (TV show) with my girlfriend, and it left me day dreaming on how cool it would be to have all of the Medieval aspects of it as a Banner Lord mod. Fairy Tales gone Real kind of thing. what it would have actually been like for a 'Prince' to fight a witch with magic or a dragon that spits fire at him every 5 to 10 seconds. Huge kingdoms wwith great armies. Different Races such as Dwarfs and Fairies. Different Dimensions such as the Mad Hatters 'wonderland' and so on. Maybe in this Reality Snow white dies and Prince charming wants to Marry cindrella instead you know hahaha. A dark twist to all of our Childhood stories or better yet a somewhat more 'realistic' like the TV show where not everything has a happy ending! Of course the reason im making this post is cause i'd love to see a mod like this come to fruition but i'd understand if it didnt happen. Thank you for reading and taking your time!
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