Perisno Crashing in a short time

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Hi, I have a problem with Perisno mod from warband

I recently started playing Perisno but always crash after a short time specially in long battles

I'm playing on Linux, lasted version of both, Perisno and warband

I have load on demand activated
I try to play using wse2 but in battles instantly crash
I have played PoP without problems with high graphics and normal amount of troops in battles (125) so I don't think I can't play this mod

This is a great mod, I want to play it but I can't even conquer a city because it crashes before finishing

I don't know what to do

Pd:Sorry for my English
I have not seen Perison source in many years, so I don't know how it evolved after I left it in 2016/2017, BUT from your symptom try turning OFF HDR at video settings
OR add one line to module.ini file
disable_high_hdr = 1

"realistic landscapes" submod's mesh material:grass gives error "too many vertices" when HDR is enabled for example
Also most of the Perisno Elf (and Dwarf) armors have a very high vertex/polygon count so this would explain why battle in particular were crashing.

Also the file rgl_log.txt at the Mount&Blade Warband directory itself will have the last line that processed on loading for hangs during loading.

edit: Thinking about it more, after starting Warband but BEFORE clicking "Play Mount & Blade" click "Configure",
"Video", toggle ON "Load Textures on Demand", and at Texture Detail instead of 100 set it to 50
The textures are now using 1/4th the space in video RAM (1/2 * 1/2) which is great for older video cards but more importantly those high polygon Elf and Dwarf models from TLD will now load with 1/4th their polygon count. Your battles will have less FPS stutter as well.
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