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I have two questions. The first is more important.


I play on the Steam Deck (which I'm very happy about the games performance). It is on the SSD. Left the game graphics settings to default. Locked at 30fps though (intentional, on battery), 60fps unplugged.


Most Important 1) Is there a general rule of thumb for sorting the load order or a tool that can sort the load order (preferably for Linux)? I know how to sort a few of them.

Very Minor 2) The load times are longer on the game with mods. This may just be my load order though. If there isn't really anything else I can do that's fine. I do this mind it really but if I can improve it I will.

The mods I'm using (all from Steam Workshop) and the load order I set;

Mod Configuration Menu V5
[All of TW's next, in defualt order]
Enable Achievements
Kingdom Politics Expanded
Xorberax's Legacy for v1.2.9
Adjustable Bandits
Random Events
Stop Starving Yourselves
Governors Handle Issues
Heal on Kill
Historical Banner Icons
Open Source Weaponry
Open Source Armoury
Open Source Saddlery
Larger Horses

All the mods work on the newest patch for me. It's just the load times take around 20 seconds at times. Which, if there's no fix I'm fine with that. I grew up making tea and toast while waiting for the Sims 2 to load😹

Main thing is if I have the load order set correctly or not. I am very experienced manually modding Skyrim for a long time now and other games. However I don't know if that experience lends to Bannerlord here.

So long story short, have I got the load order well or is there something else?

Thank you for reading and taking the time to help. Appreciate it❤️
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