MP Musket Era [NW] *(Realised)* Unit Skins/Greatcoat Mod

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                                                                                                      (Napoleonic Wars) Unit Skins/Greatcoat Mod


Hello All This mod will have all units re skinned plus
all units with great coats.

All re skinned Units will be All in one download. :smile:
All Units in Greatcoats will be all in one, Per Faction.

Musket and Cannon Sound Re placer

Music Re placer

Scotland The Brave Song Re placer


Download Link
This will add lots of differant music for all Factions including Scotland The Brave.
Russians in Greatcoats

Simbirskiy Pehotniy Polk:

Musketeer: Ranker/Flag Berra                                

Musketeer: Officer/Drummer

Musketeer: Drummer/Fifer

Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy Polk:

Grenadier: Ranker/Flag Berra

Grenadier: Officer/Drummer

Grenadier: Fifer/Drummer

Leie-Gvardii Preobrazhenskiy Polk:

Foot Guard: Ranker/Flag Berra

Foot Guard: Officer/Drummer

Foot Guard: Fifer/Drummer

21-Y Yegerskiy Polk:

Jagger: Sargent/Ranker

Jagger: Officer/Trumpeter

8-Ya Batarejnaya Rota:

Artillery: Artillery Train/Artillery Ranker



Download Link                                                                                          

French Unit Skins

45e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

Officer Front & Back

Flag Berra Front & Back

Ranker Front & Back

Download Link
This Skin is also in the Historical Unit Skin Mod

Legion de la Vistule

Officer Front & Back

Flag Berra Front & Back

Ranker Front & Back

historical Unit Skin Mod
Download Link
This is all our Unit Skins, Which is most of the Faction done and no Greatcoats (Include the two Regiments above).

Lots more pics to come, Just don't have the time to put
them all up :smile:

More Factions to come stay tuned.....
This is For M&B Warband Napoleonic Wars MP
88thYork_Cdt_Vincenzo  (Myself)
88thYork_Cdt_Damian    (My Brother)

Mike Hawk


Like this. On your steam link right click on the image then select "View image". It will give you the direct URL of the image.

You can also right click on the image and select "Copy image location" to copy the URL. Same thing.


You should remove the submesh ".2" on some of those rankers. That roll over the shoulder is the greatcoat, so they're wearing two at once now.


I did remove it at first, But if you remove it there is a black area were the greatcoat was and it doesn't look good so I left it on
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