B Musket Era [NW] Crimean War mod. (Need help with scripts)

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Hello everyone! I'm happy to inform, that the alpha version of my mod is now available for download here


This is the first version of the mod, it is playable already, and I will add new maps, weapons and units later, as well as fixing bugs and errors. There is obviously a lot to do, but I thought I can release this early version, just to give interested players at least something, it will take much more time to finish stuff I planned to add to the mod.
I hope, this mod will be interesting and will have it's followers :smile:
Added a fix for the alpha - I accidentally deleted some files before the release, and also found some minor bugs
WARNING: HotFix was replaced with another fix (I didn't notice absence of hats of bashi-bazouks), sorry for inconvenience

Download link:
Made a Steam group, feel free to join it :smile:

BTW, I think I finally made my server visible online, so there might be an event soon (I hope so at least)
I see, already 35 players downloaded the latest patch, which means that 35 players have an actual version of the mod and this is a sufficient number of players for an event (I waited until 30 players will have the latest version, yesterday there were 29 downloads, today there are 35 already), so I guess we can make an event this week. I think, Wednesday evening will be a good time for an event - in thas way there will be more time to spread the information about the event, and also there will be less waiting for the event :smile:

Event will start on Wednesday, 11.25.2019, at 20:00 CET
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