Need More Info Noble NPCs in interior town keep scene spawn in huge piles instead of spreading out naturally

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Summary: If a town has many noble NPCs staying there the interior keep scene will spawn excess nobles in a huge pile, all cramped up and each noble attempting to interact with the last unavailable idle node.
Either make nobles spread out or sit down in the available vacant chairs. Or limit amount of nobles visible in scene like in Warband.

How to Reproduce: Enter any interior castle or keep scene where there are a lot of noble NPCs currently staying. For example Sturgian keep, Vlandian keep or Battanian keep scene. (If there are a lot of NPCs currently residing in the keep at Varcheg, the longtable in the left room will be dogpiled by a giant heap of all the NPCs standing on top of the table once all chairs are filled. Meanwhile, there are several available seats and chairs in the scene elsewhere).

Have you used cheats and if so which: no
Scene Name (if related): Sturgian city hall, Battanian city hall, Vlandian city hall, Imperial city hall

Computer Specs: Playstation 5
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