Need More Info Game crashes to desktop

    Summary: Game has been crashing to desktop with this last update, I have no way to reproduce this, but I know for a fact that everyone that was on my party got their game crashed and sent to their desktop, game just disappears, if you turn the game on again, a pop up with "enable safe mode" will...

    You have been kicked by Anti-cheat Reason : Query Timeout

    Played two games today and in both games I ended up being kicked, are the devs aware and working on a fix? edit : 4th game in a row where i get kicked
  3. dalaron

    Need More Info Launcher Not Working

    I have installed mount and blade bannerlord on my pc, but whenever i start the game from steam the launcher doesnt appear. I have played before to this game on the exact same computer, ive truied launching the game throught the applications on the folder of the game, wich starts the game but it...
  4. Need More Info Blurry text..

    Hi! I have problem with text... In map, in fight same... Tried on steam and on xbox app, same
  5. In Progress Image doesn't match with the item [1.5.6]

  6. Resolved Cannot enter the game

    After an update 12.01.2021 i cannot even lauch game via Epic games store. It just didnt load nothing and crashes, logging me off the epic store. Main branch unmodded , version was 1.5.5 before that update
  7. LAG problemi SW sıkıntısı artık yetmedi mi?

    3 Gündür ciddi bir lag problemi yaşanıyor oynanamaz derecede artık resmen oyundan soğuttu.. Zaten mp oynayan kemik bir kitle var oda artık bezip oyunu raflara kaldıracak bu sıkıntılar ile. TÜRK menşeili bir oyun yapılıyor ve en düşük 50-60ms ping alan bu TÜRK'ler, EU Serverlerında 2-3 ms ping...

    In Progress Massive Lag Problem

    So today i played a few games, and in every single round there was a massive lag... and it was for everyone... everyone was complaining about it, the server itself was very unstable, and this happened all morning and it's still happening... unplayable atm.
  9. blanketParty

    Need More Info Scene Editor Black play button Scene editor

    Described in this photo series
  10. Bloc

    In Progress Default-Posed Empty/Ghost Characters

    I'm pretty sure that this is a known issue but I'm kinda tired of seeing this every single time I connect to a server. This issue is there for like months already. Since there is no fix going on, I'm thinking that it's not "that much" known as I first imagined. Issue: In multiplayer, you are...
  11. FARIAS

    Resolved Constant login issue- not logged in/ Could not access platform service | Problem

    This problem started yesterday, when a message saying "Not logged in - You can press the loggin button to establish connection" when i press the buttoon a new message pops up after a while saying " Login Failed - Could not get access from your platform service " Video showing the problem ...
  12. FARIAS

    Hotfix (e1.5.3) Not logged in problem

    My game was working fine and i could acess multiplayer and play , after this hotfix.. i keep getting "not logged in message every 5 seconds, i press login button to establish connection and it sends me to the multiplayer lobby, my friends can't invite me, and if i go to the server list there are...
  13. In Progress Application faced a problem on launch - Bannerlord launch error

    Media: Game constantly crashing on launch even though I followed every step of the checklist: Error Reference: 2020-10-24_08.06.25_b7e1431ab3a2900664104bf88f62a6ce Computer Specs: OS: Microsoft...
  14. AlexAky

    BattlEye problem. Please help!

    When I launch the mp game I get this error. 00:39:50: Installing BattlEye Service... 00:39:52: Successfully installed BattlEye Service. 00:39:52: Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1450). I have searched online for a solution and none worked. Reintalled the game from...
  15. Lusitani 5th Empire

    A way to find bugs, issues and other problems

    On YouTube there are tons of Bannerlord gameplay, youtubers often give feedback on problems they are having. Next time you hear someone reporting a bug or anything relevant consider posting it on the forums! Apart from that, many videos have in-built subtitles which you can access by opening the...
  16. Holy Shift

    Resolved Terrible Problem

    I was in a Vlandian army, We were at war with Empire, A Battanian party attacked an Empire party near us, We joined to fight and we won but when after we return to campaign map i've learned that i've been taken prisoner and i've been released because captor army is dispersed. I was seperated...
  17. Re-playability

    Just wanted to point out that the number of players still playing the game is down over 90% (per steam chart). The re-playability of the game is almost non existent. And from asking over a dozen friends, the main issues are mostly in the beginning of the game. First, developing relations to be...
  18. Holy Shift

    Workshop Incomes

    I get profit between 0-150 dinar and there is still bound number of workshops per clan tier. I cant even maintain main army with this income.
  19. Riffraff99

    @Tale Worlds Problem with mad, toxic, offending Players in MP

    There is a huge problem with mad, toxic, offending players in MP wich bother other players in fact theyre new in a game mode, make their own thing, dont comunicate alot, this musst stop! This mad, toxic, offending players chase away new players from Bannerlord, i dont think this progression is...
  20. Emre DANACI

    Resolved Karakterimin Görünmez Olması, İnsanların Hızlı Yürümesi Ve Map Sorunu

    Merhaba, oyunda herhangi bir şehre girdiğimde veya köye farketmez, karakterim sürekli görünmez oluyor. Ya yarı görünmez takılıyorum etrafta ya da arada ful görünmez olup tekrardan geliyor. Aynı şekilde köydeki insanlar inanılmaz hızlı yürüyorlar ve komik bir görüntü çıkıyor ortaya bir o kadar da...
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