1. Need More Info My game started crashing some time after I created my kingdom.

    Source: TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem Object reference not set to an instance of an object. - Inner exception Source: No module No inner exception was thrown - Callstacks Protip: Use a debugger like dnSpy or Visual studio to trace the source of error, by stepping the program line by line. You...
  2. Spiel nicht mehr Spialbar

    Hallo, Ich habe mir M&B Bannerlord vor einem guten halben Jahr gekauft da ich den Vorgänger M&B Warband extrem gut fand und mich das spiel direkt überzeugte. Jedoch als ich ungefähr vor 2 Monaten das spiel wieder einmal spielen wollte startete dieses nicht mehr. Jedes mal wenn ich auf starten...
  3. In Progress Horse coat problem!

    Summary:I have the same horse colar for every breed. How to Reproduce:I have the same variant empire, aserai, vlandian breeds, another one for all khuzait breeds, another one for battanian breeds and another one for sturgian breeds. Have you used cheats and if so which:No! Scene Name (if...
  4. Pranker

    Resolved Mods not working

    Summary:I have a problem with the mods not working, the game is updated to the latest v1.8.0 and the mods are updated to that version too. I'm want to try out the "serve as a soldier mod" but it says and i quote " Serve as a soldier depends on Sandbox/Storymode/custom battle(i-1-1-1-1) current...
  5. my game crashes and say this"the application faced a problem..."

    Hello guys, i see lot of people having the same problem as me, every time i launch the game it stop and a window who say that the application faced a problem appear. I follow all the steps that i found but nothing work, i update my drivers, uninstall the game and then clean install it, verify...
  6. Viktoras

    Bugged Quest

    I do not know where to report bugs, however, this has been an issue for over a year it seems, as I had gotten a request from Garios to siege and conquer the city of Poros for 20k denars (which I did successfully). However, when I finished, I got a pop-up saying the quest has failed because I had...
  7. Tugay

    Unresolved The the application faced a problem

    Oyunu modsuz temiz bir şekilde oyunuyorum ona rağmen oyuna giriyorum 15 veya 30 dk sonra sürekli The the application faced a problem bu hatayı alıyorum virus programını dahil kapattım ama nafile tekrar yükledim temiz gene aynı durum bu problem harbi gerçekten sıkıntılı bi problem oynayan...
  8. Ezkia

    The Big Problem with Combat: Unit collision and mass

    Moved to this post: The Big Problem with Combat -- Unit collision and mass [FIX / SUGGESTION] Sorry for creating a new post.
  9. Ran into a problem bannerlord

    I have a problem with mount and blade 2. It said that "...ran into a problem" The way I fixed this was finding out that my saves were corrupted. But I found a earlier save and that one was not corrupted. I hope this helps someone. The saves you have might be corrupted if you have a pop-up and...
  10. KtyLe

    Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Çözünürlük Bug ! böyle bir sorunla karşılaşıyorum , lütfen yardımcı olabilir misiniz ? bu konuda hiç bir yerde açıklama bulamadım eğer çözen olursa para göndericem net .
  11. In Progress crash every 5 minutes

    Summary: I installed the game 3 times but nothing to do, I crash every 5 minutes (the application faced a problem) so impossible to play. How to Reproduce: I don't know since it's while I'm playing so anytime. It appeared when I walked over to the battanians to pick the see I want to pick for my...
  12. Rnex

    In Progress The more cities / castles, the less dinars you earn?

    Summary: Hello TaleWorlds Team I Have a very strange problem with Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Basically the problem is dinars. I have 40 Fiefdoms inside them I don't have any defense troops, everything is clean, I removed my companions I don't have literally any army, I only have the 40...
  13. ParzivaI

    Need More Info Game crashes to desktop

    Summary: Game has been crashing to desktop with this last update, I have no way to reproduce this, but I know for a fact that everyone that was on my party got their game crashed and sent to their desktop, game just disappears, if you turn the game on again, a pop up with "enable safe mode" will...
  14. ParzivaI

    You have been kicked by Anti-cheat Reason : Query Timeout

    Played two games today and in both games I ended up being kicked, are the devs aware and working on a fix? edit : 4th game in a row where i get kicked
  15. dalaron

    Need More Info Launcher Not Working

    I have installed mount and blade bannerlord on my pc, but whenever i start the game from steam the launcher doesnt appear. I have played before to this game on the exact same computer, ive truied launching the game throught the applications on the folder of the game, wich starts the game but it...
  16. Need More Info Blurry text..

    Hi! I have problem with text... In map, in fight same... Tried on steam and on xbox app, same
  17. In Progress Image doesn't match with the item [1.5.6]

  18. Resolved Cannot enter the game

    After an update 12.01.2021 i cannot even lauch game via Epic games store. It just didnt load nothing and crashes, logging me off the epic store. Main branch unmodded , version was 1.5.5 before that update
  19. LAG problemi SW sıkıntısı artık yetmedi mi?

    3 Gündür ciddi bir lag problemi yaşanıyor oynanamaz derecede artık resmen oyundan soğuttu.. Zaten mp oynayan kemik bir kitle var oda artık bezip oyunu raflara kaldıracak bu sıkıntılar ile. TÜRK menşeili bir oyun yapılıyor ve en düşük 50-60ms ping alan bu TÜRK'ler, EU Serverlerında 2-3 ms ping...
  20. ParzivaI

    In Progress Massive Lag Problem

    So today i played a few games, and in every single round there was a massive lag... and it was for everyone... everyone was complaining about it, the server itself was very unstable, and this happened all morning and it's still happening... unplayable atm.
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