1. Persistent WRECK error when compiling

    I'm having an issue compiling my module with WRECK 1.1.2. Once it reaches the troops in modules_troops, it immediately errors out. The declaration for the troop seems accurate, so I'm not sure why it's failing. Having looked at the compiler code, it's a pretty complicated class, and I'm unsure...
  2. Resolved Multiplayer'a bağlanmıyor

    Selamun Aleyküm , bu kaçıncı yazışım bilmiyorum ama , şu sorunu düzeltin artık Bannerlord'da Multiplayer'a girdiğim zaman "Lobi ile olan bağlantı kesildi" "Sunucuya Bağlanılamadı" hataları alıyorum eğer ban yediysem'de söyleyin ama bi anda bu sorun olmaya başladı. Lütfen düzeltin artık Banner...
  3. Error/ unable to save game

    I can`t save the game, "Error! Unable to save game", Anti-virus not blocking, i allowed all for game in data (sorry for my english,im using a google translate) Windows 11

    Uso los datos moviles de mi telefono para jugar online, juegos varios juegos en steam y todo perfecto, pero cuando voy a jugar mount and blade warband y justo entro a la pestaña de buscar una partida mi telefono se reinicia de la nada, es un Samsung a14, no he tenido ese problema con ningun...
  5. Alparslan İslâm Çakıcı

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - (2.8.3) | Important Errors & Problems | Recommendations

    Summary: Hello, I wish you good times, I mentioned the problems in the Turkish Forum. So I did translate and rewrite it here as well, for that it can be seen in a way better. I thank you for everything in advance. May health, joy and peace be upon you *** I. The Problems I.I. Critical...
  6. Need More Info Console comands are not working in 1.2.7

    Summary: Console comandas in specific way are not working How to Reproduce: use the console command log while you are in game. Have you used cheats and if so which: campaign.set_skill_main_hero campaign.add_skill_xp_to_hero campaign.add_skill_xp_to_hero Medicine 9999...
  7. King85

    Solution for "too many elements" in module_troops error.

    I am posting this here for future reference, in case anyone else needs this information. I had encountered an error referring to there being "too many elements" in the module_troops file, and it appeared as such: There were two other troop entries mentioned in the error report, but since...
  8. Error Code after playing fine for months!?!

    Started getting this error code last night and haven't stopped getting it since. Been playing for months fine with not a single crash or close. Tried updating drivers, verifying files, turning down game settings (even tho I know that my comp can run this game on max without any issues), tried...
  9. Closed Русский - RU Return cases to the player's name

    The player name and clan name must have cases and inflections using a word processor, this was previously available, now it is impossible to use special characters in the player name, this is very inconvenient. Please bring this back, at least for single player.
  10. In Progress Русский - RU 7zaMwF08

    Your opponent attacks the village of another faction, you are trying to protect the virgin. <string id="7zaMwF08" text="While you were raiding {SETTLEMENT}, {PARTY} came to aid the village. You decided to..." /> 1. I'm a defender, not a striker. 2. The name of the settlement is not displayed. 3...
  11. Mexie

    "Invalid child element"

    Hey guys! I'm trying to make a custom mercenary clan, and I was doing the combat sets for the special characters, so the family members, and when I try to load in a new sandbox save it gives me this error. What is it saying? Because I couldn't really de-code it. Thanks in advance!

    In Progress unable to start the game, Xbox Game Pass

    Summary:I installed bannerlord that I bought from xbox game pass, but when I press play, the game screen opens and then closes immediately, I cannot log in to the game, I deleted and installed xbox game services and xbox app, again the result is the same How to Reproduce:Installed Bannerlord on...
  13. Getting invalid syntax error during compilation

    Everytime I try to compile my code, I keep getting an error message for invalid syntax in the script. The line on which the error occurs is at the very end of the script. Here's what the compiler says: *** Warband Refined & Enhanced Compiler Kit (W.R.E.C.K.) version...
  14. Need More Info My Ironman Save Keeps Crashing After One Game Day Completed

    Summary:. How to Reproduce:Enter my save file Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Windows GPU:RTX 3070 GPU Driver Version:Updated CPU:Intel Core i5 12400 RAM:16GB Motherboard:Gigabyte H510M H Storage Device (HDD/SSD):Both
  15. Need More Info Banner of your faction

    You cannot change the banner of your faction in the game, i.e. you can go into the editor and change it, the changes will be visible in the game, but after a reboot, the faction banner will become the old one again.
  16. In Progress Русский - RU What news of the markets?

    "Виен" != "Вино" <string id="7fjOwwVH" ...{.%}{ITEM_NAME}{.gp}{.%} ...> <string id="ELsDFwAD" text="{.NI}Вино{@Plural}{.FI}Амфоры вина{\@}" /> The name of the goods is distorted, RussianTextProcessor receives incorrect information.
  17. Need More Info General Assertin Failed! Expression: version == SHADER_CACHE_VERSION

    I was prompted when I opened the editor Assertin Failed! C:\Develop\MB3\Source\Engine\Rgl\rglShader_manager.cpp:439 Expression:version == SHADER_CACHE_VERSION And it appears when I load the big map: vista_record_tileset_!=nullptr (false) && "There is something wrong, plese contact...
  18. TweakMB Native scripts.txt

    I'm getting the same error as on this one. Could you please tell me how I can fix it?
  19. Modded Me against my garrison

    Summary: I fight against my garrison How to Reproduce: If you join the defense of the castle, when there is a garrison sortie. Have you used cheats and if so which: No
  20. Modded settlement attack

    Summary: settlement attack. How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Yes, but I removed mods. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): The allied troops besiege the settlement, the defending army falls on them, we approach the settlement and press to attack the...
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