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Here you are. They have a child-board now, which is why you might have had trouble finding them.


guys do u now how can create a your own tabrad i mean when u join some kingdom u need to chois your flag how can crate your own flag :grin:


Can someone point me to a mod, that contains working custuomizable troops? I used to play Band of Warriors, but somehow it doesn't work anymore (new OS perhaps?). Troops don't keep the given equipment.  :sad:


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Oh, for ****'s sake, stop necroing posts older than 2 months, and if you do, at least bring this.



I think someone really needs to make a Lord of the Rings mod. :roll: I think it would be great. You could choose to stat as say, Arogorn, Legolas, or Gimle. Mountain bandits would be dwarfs, forest bandits would be elves, sea raider and looters would be human, and so forth.


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There are 3 or more LoTR rings in progress, The Last Days being the most noteworthy.
But did you even read the last post before posting yourself?  :neutral:
Stop resurrecting the damn thread!

And you! Yeah I'm talking to YOU! Don't get any ideas about posting here if you found this thread on page 6 or lower!



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Come on, why did you post here? There is a new mod list that is stickied. And a mod ideas thread.  :neutral:
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