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Or maybe a Fallout New Vegas mod?
There'd be total 12 factions which is

New California Republic(NCR) - General Oliver Lee
Caesar's Legion - Caesar
Independent New Vegas(with three families-The Chairmen, The Omertas, The White Glove Society) - Robert E. House
The Boomers - Mother Pearl
Brotherhood of Steel - Elder McNamara
Followers of the Apocalypse - Julie Farkas
Great Khans - Papa Khan
Fiends - Motor-Runner
Powder Gangers - Eddie
The Kings - The King
State of Utobitha - Tabitha
Jacobstown - Marcus

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Sheogorath2077 said:
okay so if anyone is willing to make a total conversion mod, I have an idea... pm me and I'll send pics...if I can send pics
That's not how this thread is working. All modders have ideas by themselves, it's not like there are people with skills lurking around for someone to bring an idea to them which they can realise in a mod ^^
You can post your story and ideas here, maybe someone takes inspiration by it.
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I have an idea of a mod but I do not have good enough programming skill to be able to make it as I have planned. So I'm wondering if there is someone with good programming skill who would be interested of my mod idea.
The basic idea of the mod would be persistent world set in prehistoric era. Here are some features I have planned for it:
1) Different stone types and sizes
In the mod there would be 5 different type of stones and 4 different sizes of them. In the ground you could pick blunt stones of any sizes. Sizes would be tiny, small, medium and large. Then there would be boulders which could not be picked up, and grinding stones. Boulders would be used to break the blunt stones to pieces. Only tiny ones could not be broken against the boulder. After breaking the stone, you would get one or several stonepiece. Now with the grinding stone, you can grind the stonepiece either into cutting stone or sharp stone. With the cutting stone you can now cut plants, meat and hide or whittle a pole from a branch. Sharp stone you can attach to the shaft to make a spear. Spearheads would be made of medium sized stones and arrowheads from small size stone while maulheads would be made from the large ones. Tiny stones could be used as a sling ammo. Another type of stone would be flint, which you would have to mine from limestone nodes. It would work the same way as ordinary stone but would be much more efficient.
2) Tools and Weapons
There would be several different tools in the mod. Some of them could be made of a single rock. For example you could use blunt stone as a hammer and sharp stone as a chisel. If you wanted to make a pick to mine some flint you would have to make a sharp stone and attach it to a handle. Handle would be made from a wooden pole which in turn would be made from a branch with a knife or cutting stone. To attach these two items, you would need a string. One way to make a string would be collecting plants and making a string out of their fibers. There would also be many different weapon types to make. Some of these would be spear, mace, axe or bow. To make any of these weapons, you would have to make their parts separately and attach them together to make a whole weapon.
3) Crafting and collecting speed
With a stone tools the crafting and collecting speed would be very slow to encourage the player to make more efficient tools.
4) Tribes
Players would be divided into tribes. If possible, there would be unlimited number of them and every player could make his own. He could also join one of the other players tribes.
5) Classes
Players in tribe would be divided into a classes. In the beginning there would be 5 possible classes to choose from. These would be Leader, Hunter, Fisher, Gatherer(Only Female) and Shaman. Different classes would have different skills and they could craft different items. For example, Fisher could craft harpoons, fish nets and canoes while hunter could craft traps and javelins.
6) Eras
This one might be too much off but if anyway possible the mod would have tribe-specific eras. There would be 5 different eras. First era would be called Hunting&Gathering while second would be called Farming and so on. I have not yet decided how the tribe would advance in era but advancing in era would unlock new player classes and new possible craftable items and objects.
7) Map
This one might also be too hard to program but in my plans there wouldn't be only one map but instead there would be one huge map divided into many smaller map. What I mean with this is that the map would be drawn in paper and then divided in squares. Every square of that map would be its own map and server. For example the first square would be called "1" and second square would be called "2" and so on. Then there would be same amount of servers as there are squares or maps. Servers would be called like this: "Prehistory Mod 1", "Prehistory Mod 2" and so on. That means that if you want to play in square 1, you would have to join server 1. Same with square 2 and server 2. These squares or maps would be connected so that if you want to move from one square/server to another, you would have to move to that edge of the map where the next map would locate and press F key. Here is an image to demonstrate the idea:


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TheDragonknight said:
An idea for a mod:

A mod which allows for more court intrigue and independence for vassals. The features:

1. Make alliances with other lords
2. Wage private wars against lords if the player has a claim
3. Start factions within a kingdom
4. Kill lords and kings
5. Marry into a royal family
6. Have some special offices granted to certain lords which add to their income
7. Have a special title system - Sir, Baron, Earl/Count, Duke, King
8. Have a vassal system whereby the king has a few vassals maybe a duke and three earls and they have their own vassals and those vassals have their own vassals
That would be the best mod ever !


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I have a request for a new mod, possible name suggestion: "Sea Raiders Everywhere". I hate having to camp out at Rivacheg in EVERY game I play, just to get at those juicy Sea Raiders. I would like a new mod that adds Sea Raiders to every kingdom with a coast. Possible locations would be: Aldelen to Gisim (Nords/Swadia), Elberl (for Swadia), Glunmar (for Rhodoks), and the coast south of Shariz (for Sarranids). Khergits wouldnt get any, since they lack coasts, but they can always travel to nearby Rivacheg. This would add a lot of replayablity to the game.


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I would love to see a mod set entirely in Africa, the Songhai Empire and their battles with moroccan invaders, or perhaps the smaller kingdoms that came after, it would be a nice original setting, of course the customization should only use black or arab skin tones. Weapons would be varied as trade with Europe was the backbone of  every african empire economy

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I'd like to see a Warring States era China mod. Think rise of the Qin dynasty.

If anyone is interested in making something like this, let me know. I'd need help on the 3D Meshes and Textures end, but that's about all.

soup can harry

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could some one fix this mod its called brave new world its like a steam punk mod for warband and its glitchy and crashes for alot. i could give you the files if you need them


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Scuba Steve said:
I'd like to see a Warring States era China mod. Think rise of the Qin dynasty.

If anyone is interested in making something like this, let me know. I'd need help on the 3D Meshes and Textures end, but that's about all.
That reminds me that we don't have a proper Three Kingdoms mod. I only know that Dynasty Warriors one that has many joke items like LOTR armors. I'd very much adore a Three Kingdoms mod with modified diplomacy that makes bribing and betrayal more "dynamic" (not necessarily "easier" because it might happen to anyone). Pre-battle duel like in the novel would be fun too, but as long as the mod is atmospheric I'd really love it.


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Anyone planning on making a Wheel of Time mod in Bannerlord? Could be a big succes if the Amazon Wheel of Times tv series becomes a hit.


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Given that there will be modding tools released with the full version, I assume that there will be some people modding it ^^
And the full release is any time 2021+ if it happens at all and the company doesn't go bust.
Meanwhile the March 2020 EA version won't have modding tools, so modders will need to create their own (and they will). Thanks, TaleWorlds!


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I'd love a Terminator based mod, something heavily firearm focused akin to The Reckoning with Futuristic weapons. The story would be a post Skynet war world, where humans have settled down and started to rebuild while the Machines now leaderless have hidden themselves in the more inhospitable portions of the world. Both have splintered into factions and are frequently fighting against each other.

Naturally, the player could choose to play as a human or a terminator, with significantly different mechanics for each. I'd leave it to the modder to figure out some other mechanics (I want the two to end up very different in the end so they're both worth playing as) but one thing that comes to mind is equipment. While humans start out the much weaker of the two and are overall more fragile they have access to a much wider range of armors that'll boost them up to the Terminator's level provided they have enough money. On the other hand Terminators start out stronger statistically and are able to take and block more damage, they have cosmetic slots that just change their general appearance such as wearing a leather jacket and jeans but don't improve them statistically. Terminators have to salvage from battles with enemy Terminators better body parts which are almost always heavily damaged and thus only very marginally better than what they start with. Either that or by increasing their level and crafting skills find the materials, blueprints, and tools to make better and better body parts in a much slower progression that likely would take the player all over the map.


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i would like to see "hide and assassinate" mp mod.

-A king with his loyal guards trying to reach from point A to B at long map. King must live, or die depend on the side.
-King's guards has classes that random assigned to other players, some has strong armor, one has bow, others heavy swords etc. And assassination team has archers/throwing stuffs/light weapons/blades(ballange is case here for both team)
-Assassination team can respawn in a minute, guards can not as king.
-King must reach point B, while taking some break at spesific other points. ( A to B, and there is 10 more points between A and B that king must take a little brake (10secs each))
-Each round has ~3 minutes
-Environment is dark! But thanks to creators, there is some lights, such as torch etc.

Plus: Mod creator is free to change/make characters(subject-defenders-attackers) as he/she wants. Papa/King/Armagan/Virgin(cRPG)= defendinorattacking subject , Guards/Friends/Villagers/Peasants/Soldiers=defenders, demons/soldiers/haters/enemies..= attackers etc.
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