Mad men leading revolts and riots against the Bannerlord

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After the player takes over Calradia or before there could be 'mad men' that look like philosophers or prophets from the ancient world with similar names that speak out against the player leading to revolts and riots giving the player end game content. These men could some how raise armies against the player and attempt to gain support from lords. They would be old bearded men dressed in robes or animal skins like a prophet or a holy man some maybe female like Joan of Arc. They would go to towns attracting crowds speaking out against the player's clan causing civil unrest and maybe leading to riots that give the player a dilemma of either a peaceful solution or a violent one. The rhetoric of the zealots could spread like a virus to other settlements. Policies may influence these events. The player could behead these mad men, imprison them, debate them in town, change policies or kill them in a battle or siege. The player could disguise themselves to spy on these zealots and debate them or openly debate them in front of the crowd.

Additionally, these types of characters ought to have the animations and emotions of a zealot, hands raise in the air, crazy stares and other gestures.
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