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There are surviving European treatises that detail techniques to be used with certain weapons (such as tripping with a poleaxe). It would be nice to have something similar in Bannerlord's combat, to get away from the monotony of doing the same directional strikes over and over again. It could also be a way to fix the "issue" of foes armed with a short weapon and shield dominating any foes with longer (and thus slower) weapons, where you only need to get close enough (the AI likes to get close enough to sniff you, so that's pretty much a guarantee, doubly so if they have a shield) to render them almost completely powerless (definitely the case for spears), as well as the issue of enemies hiding behind a shield (which often drags the combat for too long, if they're not attacking. Needless to say, I'm not talking about formations where enemies are specifically trying to hold the line and therefore need to keep their shields up). These techniques could be defend by properly directed and timed blocking, so as to not be cheesy. That could also alleviate being absolutely destroyed by 2 foes, when they normally wouldn't pose a threat. It's not like you can just finish or maim one of them with a single well-placed strike (unlike in real-life), so you'll be doomed if they have faster weapons and get close enough.

One only has to look at any fight between 2 characters using a spear and shield to see how ridiculous and monotonous it is, with both poking at each other's shield for 20 minutes straight because there's no real way to break someone's guard with strikes, and shields don't take a lot of damage from most swords and spears. It would be nice to be able to, as a special combat maneuver, break someone's guard and push them away, followed by a quick jab (fast enough that they can't just pull up their shields to defend the strike after getting their guard broken). Skill values could be used to calculate whether the NPC is completely vulnerable to a technique (such as being tripped) or resistant (where they'd get staggered or otherwise be temporarily unable to attack), as well as their likelihood of defending against said techniques. Assuming this is feasible, it would make the combat far less frustrating at times, as well as more fun.
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