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I'd love to see a 'Courier' menu added to the game, so that the player could receive and access messages, propositions, quests, gifts, and requests from other lords. I personally enjoyed how, in Warband, you were requested to participate in sieges and such. It further reinforced the sense of obligation to your kingdom, or your friends. I've never felt that playing Bannerlord. I could go around the countryside, not doing anything to help, just trading and entering tournameents, and there wouldn't be much in the way of consequences, and the only incentive to actually participate was (usually) loot. Having lords personally ask you for help, and maybe even sending you gifts in the form of gear (especially unique and improved items), horses, and the like, would improve that. Doubly so if the relationship system was reworked to be more rewarding and engaging.
This could also be used to hire specific mercenary troops from mercenary companies currently contracted by your kingdom, since getting them otherwise is such a pain.

One thing that I also think could use improvement is how your own clan members are handled. Basically, they just hang around, not doing anything until they're old enough. Even then, they don't do much unless you assign them to a party or fief. It would be cool to have the ability to send them as wards to other lords' courts, as well as sending younger male clan members to serve as squires (there is, or was, a quest in-game where someone would ask you to take in a young noble of their clan temporarily to learn from you, but I myself only got it once in several hundreds of hours played in the campaign). That would give them a plausible reason for their skills to be improving (primarily skills like riding, engineering, charm, roguery, medicine, and trade for Wards, and primarily combat skills, athletics, tactics, leadership, and scouting, for Squires. The "needs guidance" prompts could still be used to focus some skills over others) as well as maybe the chance to actually visit your relatives, since they're unseen until you can bring them to your party.

And finally; while this has nothing to do with the previous points, I'd love to see new items added to the reward lists for tournaments. There are too few of them, and most don't stack up at all to crafted gear (especially since they all come at base quality). It'd be nice to have some more options for weapons, especially high-tier weapons, but also legendary variants of armor pieces (I'm tired of getting Warlord Pauldrons. I'd settle for a Legendary Wolf Pelt, instead). It'd be nicer still if new unique and best-in-slot items were added. Overall, tournament rewards, as far as weapons go, become completely redundant after some time, and armor-wise, there's too few items worth participating for. And don't get me started on horses. Yeah, it's nice to get a nicer horse early on. It's not nice to get a 5th tier 6 horse in a row. I'd also prefer if the loot lists were slimmed down to only include items of a specific culture. I don't enter a Vlandian tournament to win an Imperial item, or Battanian tournament to win an Aserai item.
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