1. TheWesterlander

    If modern day religions implemented in Calradia

    If Bannerlord Peoples had embraced modern day religions: Upgraded Western Empire: Christian Orthodoxy Southerm Empire: Christian Orthodoxy Northern Empire: Christian Orthodoxy Khuzait Khanate: Tengrism Aserai Sultanate: Islam Kingdom of Sturgia: Sturgian Nobles: Nordic Paganism Sturgian...
  2. calradia neresi tam olarak?

    kalradya neresi calradia is where
  3. Garedyr

    SP Native Other [WB][ADULT ONLY] Calradia: The Erased Century

    Disclaimer Mod is intended for MATURE audience only. There's gore, strong language, nudity, sex and such (you won't see any of those on screenshots for obvious reasons) present or planned in the modification so if you're a minor or an adult offended by any of those things or feel like you can...
  4. Riffraff99

    1257 Calradia MOD

    What about a mod wich put you in 1257 Calradia (M&B 1 setting)? It seems the base for the main factions still exist in the vanilla Bannerlord, like crossbows, longbows, chain mails, sparta swords, sabers, pot helmets (correct name?!), wolf skin shoulder stuff and northern helmets.
  5. Silver Wolf

    TEATRC for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop by and post a bit of news. Some time ago I have assembled a small team and restarted efforts to create a new version of The Eagle and the Radiant Cross for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Here's a link to our Mod DB page if you'd like to take a look...
  6. Yangbang

    What do you think the scale of Calradia is supposed to be? (in terms of travel distance)

    So there's no real standard of distance in Bannerlord that we can use to measure with, say for the big ball of fire up in the sky. We don't have any mile signs or speed measurements, so we're going to have to calculate distance by days. Since we're playing with a faction called the Empire...
  7. Lord Ferdinand

    [Bannerlord] Cosa succede nella vostra Calradia?

    Situazione mia attuale (Impero del Sud): abbiamo schiacciato l'Impero dell'Ovest, contemporaneamente da sud gli Aserai hanno contribuito alla loro fine conquistando due città. L'Impero del Nord è rimasto sostanzialmente invariato. I Vlandia si sono espansi a nord-ovest spazzando via i Battania...
  8. ViriathusTG

    Quality of life suggestions

    Hey, I have some suggestions just for quality of life of the game, feel free to also post yours - Like in Warband, when you have a prisoner it shows next to your party number for example 13 + 2 - When you want to give your companion a weapon, then still be able to talk with the companion about...
  9. The Duchy of Dunlar

    The Duchy of Dunlar

    Overview: We intend to attend large shieldbattle-type events for the pure joy of doing so, it is unlikely we will become competitively involved as a community, however it is possible we will split off detachments of our more serious members in order to compete in tournaments and such. Steam...
  10. The Union of Calradia [Community Clan Union]

    The Union of Calradia [Community Clan Union]

    About The Union of Calradia Union, is a Community of Bannerlord , international and country focused clans to be part of the community. The idea has created by old Mount&Blade player Lucon , and with the supports of the Brunwick and Farts community became a reality. Establishment date...
  11. Vesper_

    Map of Calradia 1084 (January 2021)

    Calradia 1084 If you want to use it somewhere, use it freely, just pm me about it and leave my credits :xf-wink: It will be updated if changes appear. Also links to full size images is below, preview images are smaller because of big resolution. Additional Info: Map: With mountains ...