In Progress Low FPS at party menu & encyclopedia due to high disk usage

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Yes, but I removed mods.


Opening Party screen (mainly), encyclopedia, trading menu causes the game to go 0-1 FPS for 30-60 seconds depending the textures that need to be loaded. Also now I have higher temperatures when playing.

An example:
I noticed that now the game loads the textures at full resolution of every unit in your party whenever you enter the party screen. Before the no patch notes hotfix, when opening the party screen and clicked on a unit it followed this pattern most of the times: invisible > semi-naked > low res > fully loaded, sometimes faster and not all 4 phases. Now they are fully loaded when I click them even the first time and this may be the cause of the 0 fps issues because it has to load a ton of textures and models at the same time when I open the menu.

It definetily doesn't make it unplayable but consumes a lot of time having to wait 1 minute after a battle when collecting troops and prisoners, the trading menu and when searching some1 on encyclopedia.

Before: load textures as you click on the unit = faster loading of the party screen
Now: load textures as soon as you open party screen = high disk usage and 1 minute of 0-1 fps that also increases temperatures.

Note: the mod I used was removed long ago and trying on other saves without mods still has the issue.

How to Reproduce: Open any menu that loads textures using a pc with a HDD not an SSD
Have you used cheats and if so which: Nopers
Scene Name (if related): Party screen, trading screen, aftermatch party screen
0:01 - Party screen test
0:56 - Textures of units load inmedialy
1:18 - This is very similar how it used to be: (almost) no lag after the 1st time you open the party screen
1:35 - Inventory screen same issue
2:19 - Encyclopedia makes it lag even after closing it
2:59 -Party screen test again: lag comes back


A graph of the task manager during a small test. It goes up to 1 minute.

Thank you
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We are aware of these issues and currently working towards fixing the lag on the menu openings. Thanks for reporting.
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