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Hello, im making this thread to compile all issues on consoles and improvements needed in console version of the game. I Hope this will help the devs to improve ans give justice to this amazing game Bannerlord is. We know the devs are working hard to deliver the best version of the game possible and we give much respect for it.

The major issue both on Xbox and Ps5 is frame drops and screen tearing. It will occur :
-When entering and walking around in a city or a village
-In battles (even the smaller ones but its definitly more noticable on large battles)
-In sieges (both defense and offense)
-In tournaments
-In summary, every time the game has to load many assets

Visual glitches :
-Every time there is water on the screen this water will "blink" (apparently there is a problem in the water reflection system)
-The color glitch when entering in some places like bandit hideouts (flashing colors)
-Some texture loading and unloading perpetually (Grass and some walls can load and unload in permanence)

Audio glitches :
-When forwarding the battle, a loud noise can be heard and it wont disapear until closing and re opening the game
-Some units make very loud noise (but it's rare)
-Music in battles can stop and then replay a few seconds later

Minor issues :
-In the french version of the game the names of the NPCs are gender opposite, you gave the female terminology to mens and men terminilogy to females (But its not a big deal, it is understandable)

Thank you for paying attention to this thread. I tryed my best to gave voice for all console players. We are loving Bannerlord so much but it is important to play it the way it was intended to, with a stable 60 fps performance to have the best experience possible in this amazing game.

Thank you so much Taleworlds 🙏

summary: ralated up there
How to Reproduce: i mention it up there too
Scene Name (if related):
Media (Screenshots & Video): I can try to make footages if you want
The issue you have reported has been forwarded to our QA team for further investigation. We might need additional information regarding this issue, such as screenshots or videos, save files or dump reports. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
I would also add the inventory/party snapping to the top that has been an issue since the warband port on xbox/playstation.

In warband, when you go down the party units table (to a point it needs to scroll down and the first unit in table moves offscreen) and upgrade a soldier, it would result in the snapping to the top of the list, highlighting the first unit again. Forcing you to scroll all the way down again to upgrade the next soldier that was in the list.

This issue persists in bannerlord and I have had it snap to the top in the troop management screen, overworld inventory and in the smelting items smith section. I think locked items and troops/prisoners make it worse.
Yes, undortunatly the frame rate is still very bad :/ Nearly all point i mention earlier are still there. Sadly i stop playing for the moment, i tried my best to ignore these problems but its killing my enjoyment and my immersion to this wonderful game.
Not had any crashes on Series X in this latest version. Some framerate drops in large winter battles and also 'bright blue terrain patches' in snow/winter on some sieges and in some towns (often on wood with snow or rocks with snow). Snapping to top issue remains, usually when clicking an item low on the list after scrolling down.
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