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  1. Lornloth00

    SP - General Access Battle Order Screen at anytime for Set Up

    Since we can't set unit divisions in the party screen till some sort of solution is found, how about letting the player go into a battle scene in the middle of map to change battle orders and captains? Maybe its just a set of hot key(s) or a button that activates this but this would be another...
  2. SP - General Party Screen QoL

    I was looking at the party screen and noticed there's actually a lot of space between the names and the number of troops. You could put some icons there that give you some info about the unit, like: - can couch lance - can spear brace - 1 quiver or 2 quivers - bow or crossbow - extra damage to...
  3. Rybn47

    In Progress Low FPS at party menu & encyclopedia due to high disk usage

    Summary: Opening Party screen (mainly), encyclopedia, trading menu causes the game to go 0-1 FPS for 30-60 seconds depending the textures that need to be loaded. Also now I have higher temperatures when playing. An example: I noticed that now the game loads the textures at full resolution of...
  4. scarface52

    SP - UI Don't show troops in ransom broker screen

    When selecting prisoners to sell in tavern or to give them for the "Landowner Needs Manual Laborers" quest, party screen lists troops in our party. Since there isn't any interaction regarding our troops in these situations they just bloat the screen. Having troop list minimized or hidden in this...
  5. Apocal

    SP - UI Total Troop Type Counter on the Party Screen

    The game already counts the different troop types on the map, why not on the Party screen as well?
  6. Resolved [e1.4.0] Resetting changes in Party screen removes modifiers from items in Inventory

    Summary: Clicking Reset button in Party screen after making some changes (upgrading troop or recruiting prisoner), removes modifiers like "Rusty" from all items currently in Player inventory. Items equipped by Player or Companion are not affected, only those in the inventory list. Clicking Reset...
  7. MinhTien

    Resolved Wrong text displayed when recruit surrenderd bandits with prisoners

    Summary: Multiple mountain bandit parties engaged a heavily wound Lord's party and captured him and his men. I moved to help but too late, and only caught up to the bandits after they captured the lord. Bandit party with lord as prisoner surrendered and the party screen was as shown in the...
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