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Anyone here still play this? Fell into Silver II from Gold III with my promos. Currently hit rock bottom at Silver III, on my way back to Gold now.


braindead champion.

I got put in S5 from G4 but my mmr is still Gold since I'm skipping divisions. Would've already been S2 if I hadn't called for a ****ty baron and let the smite war be a 50/50 coinflip, which the enemy won.

S3 Unranked S4 Gold V S5 Plat V i dunno after getting to gold i really become lazy to play and grind more lp i became plat 5 in november and still not played my placements yet.


S1 Bronze, S2-S5 Silver, Placed Bronze I. Currently at Silver V.

I've mostly given up though. I main ADC. So I just don't matter to most matches. Every game essentially comes down to Top and Jungle. (Maybe mid.) As an ADC I basically only matter if we're even at 20 minutes. If we're behind or ahead I'm just along for the ride. Why bother playing?
That's not true in the slightest man. Especially right now with kog'maw in the game.
Kog can right now literally 1v9 with Rageblade and Rounaans its that broken.


Yes but Kog is still dependent on a certain team comp and a certain enemy comp. Nothing you can do, say, if you're playing Ezreal bottom lane, your top lane goes 0/3, mid goes 0/1, jungler never visits bottom lane, and the enemy team four or five man ganks you three times.
Then you learn how to lose lane gracefully and farm up.
In bronze/bronze it doesn't matter if the enemy laners are killing you, they will probably not do anything with that advantage. A gold player may per say push the lane so that the wave gets bounced and you lose loads of minions, but in bronze they'll go back for literally no reason, even if they have no real way of dying (if they're low that is). A kill is only ~12-15 cs. If you're 0/3 and have 200 cs at 25 minutes compared to the enemy laner who is 5/0 and at 100 cs you're still beating them in terms of gold.

As an ADC if you want to carry a game forget about doing the low elo tradition of ARAMing at 15 minutes. Let your team die 20 times, as long as you're constantly applying smart pressure (that is pressure that can't be punished by you getting caught out) and getting farmed up you will reach the event horizon in terms of damage that allows you to solo carry the game. Aim to have atleast 6CSPM and you will get out of  silver. I think the most important step in becoming better is understanding that you did not lose that game because of your team, but yourself. If you swapped out yourself with a challenger player that challenger player would 99% chance win the game. You say that you got clown fiesta'd 4 man ganked? Well you should've noticed that mid is missing or that top still has TP and you should refrain from going in. Or even better, freeze your lane at your tower so that you can get free farm. Whilst at higher elos freezing your lane is literally causing the game to become a 4v5 because you can't leave the lane as you will lose farm, in lower elos it literally doesn't matter because nobody is going to capitalise on that.

I think the best way that someone explained your chances of being able to carry was this:
The enemy team has a 50% chance of having **** players, whilst you have a 40% chance of having **** players. If you truly are better than your elo you should be able to carry 60% of your games even if you're a statical engima that always gets bad teammates.


AD "carry" is such a misnomer. It should be. "AD, get focused by everyone, be weaker than most tops or junglers, but be good at sieging in that rare time you need to."

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He's way too dramatic ("debated killing himself", seriously) and *****es incessantly about every single game he plays, even after praising it to heaven previously, just ignore it.
Slev, I genuinely believe that people are too rude to you for your opinions on some things, but in several cases, this one included, you're sort of objectively mistaken. As in, if you watch games or people that are really good at ADC then you'll see that they do in fact carry games. This is just a fact. Don't get upset at Jock or anyone for pointing it out. He wasn't even necessarily being hostile in that post. He was just pointing out that that defeatist mentality is a self-fulfilling prophesy. But really, I'm not slagging you off or anything, and I honestly hope you don't take offense when I say that you can't blame the game when there is definitive truth that the opposite of what you claim is possible and common at high skill levels.
He has a good point tho when our Solo Nasus is 0-8 and 8-0 enemy Rengar ganks the bot lane to take a quadra(our nasus spends his tp to  toplane to take farm) + tower + dragon.You really cant do much about it.


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Slev said:
Yes but Kog is still dependent on a certain team comp and a certain enemy comp. Nothing you can do, say, if you're playing Ezreal bottom lane, your top lane goes 0/3, mid goes 0/1, jungler never visits bottom lane, and the enemy team four or five man ganks you three times.
Sure things are not always in your favor and sometimes you cant turn the tide. But a really good ADC can farm plenty and move well to deal with multiple enemies. Especially in your scenario, if you have wards you can bugger off before they get you. Especially as ezreal. Who is great at kiting as well.
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