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TheFlyingFishy said:
Slev, I genuinely believe that people are too rude to you for your opinions on some things, but in several cases, this one included, you're sort of objectively mistaken. As in, if you watch games or people that are really good at ADC then you'll see that they do in fact carry games. This is just a fact. Don't get upset at Jock or anyone for pointing it out. He wasn't even necessarily being hostile in that post. He was just pointing out that that defeatist mentality is a self-fulfilling prophesy. But really, I'm not slagging you off or anything, and I honestly hope you don't take offense when I say that you can't blame the game when there is definitive truth that the opposite of what you claim is possible and common at high skill levels.

It's difficult to develop high skill level. I work on farming, I work on awareness. But even with good vision and Ezreal, who is an escape artist, it's hard to really do anything. It's rare at high skill levels to see a lane feed heavily or to see your lane get four man ganked and your team doesn't take advantage elsewhere.

I've pretty much stopped talking to anyone online or otherwise these days since it's usually just being put down for one thing or another.

Does anyone still play? To my dismay quite literally all of my once extensive collection of friends that played this have uninstalled it except one. I would very much appreciate having people to play with that won't start freaking out in broken English the second a tower loses 1 HP or something. Have TS that we can probably use.

I really wish this game wasn't dead among my circle. Had, like, 30 people that I could always just poke and get a game going with, but no one even has it on their computer these days.
They moved it to a new IP because the old one was getting laggy and aged. I'll provide it next time I'm on my main PC, along with the one of my other group, if you're interested. Do I have you on Steam? I can't remember. I think remember a "Ma" something. Maybe I'm thinking of Moogs.
So basically, they nerfed the **** out of Swain a few months ago and now he just feels pretty bad man. I understand he was actually FotM for a bit but jaysus, his ult was so fun with the low cd, and now it's 30 secs? Ew.

On the other hand, the tank meta is in full swing, it seems almost all APCs were nerfed or changed in some way to be useless and inferior compared to assassins. Which means that tanks have a great time just slapping a CC on the assassin and outright tanking everything cause APCs can't burst em :/
Assassins still suffer from the fact a well coordinated team is going to **** on them, ESP. with CotC being a thing. Thats the main reason tanks are back as well, anything with easy cc can abuse the **** out of CotC, which tanks are the large majority of champions with easy hard cc.

I mean **** even Sejuani has a high win rate due to CotC, thats how strong it is.

Midlaners you can still play AP's. Viktor is currently the best mid laner, that and Cassiopeia and Syndra as well.

All 3 have crazy burst, Viktor just takes a bit for it to come online (usually level 7) and then he can just insta push lanes by pressing E once. His late game damage is insane, he has sustained burst, its stupid.

Leblanc is also really, really ****ing strong if played correctly, does a **** ton of damage.
In other news, I've seemed to gain about 80% of my skill at LoL back. Playing my ranked placements at the start of Season 7 I lost 8/10 and still only dropped one entire division to Silver 3 so I can't really complain, it at least gives me an opportunity to practise at the low elo's while I climb back up.

I definitely approve of most of the reworks to the old champions though. Most of them had glaring weaknesses that have been addressed which makes them much more "dynamic" to play. Of course there is problems like Le Blanc, but she'll get nerfed until she doesn't quite waveclear with base damage anymore  :razz:

EDIT: My new favourite champ is Tahm Kench, that ****ing troll devour :lol:
When you are last pick mid (your off role) and decide to try out that new champion you were using in a bot game... the warwick jungler was a bot and the urgot top a raging lunatic who kept trying to int.
Still carried.
I suppose I should give Kalista some credit there too.

Notice the gold difference :

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