In Progress I've been married for almost 10 years and my wife isn't getting pregnant

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I married Ira, too. And we basically act as a very efficient baby-factory. By the time my character dies, I'll have a clan that outnumbers all the clans combined.. I would like to do a selection afterwards, ugly ones to suicide missions, beauties and handsome ones at my side. I'm also afraid of her dying during child labor, it's mentioned but I don't know if that really happens.
Can confirm they die in childbirth. Arwa died in my save on her 11th child lol


Are you also implying that you are working on the other NPC Lords not marrying and getting Children? I am currently in a very long playthrough and experiencing the children of men effect, no kids born for other people only i have 9 kids to rule the world.


I got 2 children that never ages.... they must be 20 or something atm, but they still look like 5 years old. my wife is in my party since we married and she only made 2 child. other clan have a huge babyboom (lucon from the northern empire I need to destroy is trying to rebuild his kingdom with children? he has no one left and yet he still didn't lost hope, so I guess that s his plan cause he made a ****load of children.
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