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Native Mod Siege Completed IV Mount & Siege Revival Event: Organization and Feedback

Added to Calendar: 25/08/23

Let us know if you can make it!

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Dear friends, we've put another one behind us.
We were pushing to reach as many people as possible, and we have peaked at 165 players.
We would like to thank everyone who spared some time to help make this happen!
If anyone has any recordings or screenshots of the event, feel free to share them under this thread, it would mean a lot!
We will stay in touch with all of the fine people and communities that helped us pull this off!
If interested to collaborate with us, feel free to reach out!

Dear friends, it's been a long time, and a lot happened in-between, we've hosted a series of successful event during 2021. and 2022.
More than a year has passed. yet even after all that time,
it just wouldn't be fair nor in the spirit of Warband which still persists after all this time for us not to try again!
And thus, our friends, we present you with:

IV Mount&Siege Revival Event

Our goals remain the same as before,
reaching the maximum when it comes to server population, which is set at 200 players.
Warband is slowly but surely fading away, let it be on a high note, let it be a glorious hour,
let us make the best of it together!
This is a invitation to everyone who used to play on M&S regularly, to hop back on for a single evening, also to all those willing to come and give the server and Warband a try, as well as a another chance for all those who've missed the previous ones!

The event will be taking place on August 25th, starting at 20:00h CEST, on **MountAndSiege** server.
So spread the word on steam, on discord, invite your long lost Warband friends, help us reach this goal for all of us!
hope to see you there!

NeoGK mod is a mod that enables you to use siege engines such as siege rams, ballistas, catapults, trebuchets, flying balloons, as well as use some of the many new equipment and voices added to the game.
Both links work, doesn't matter which one you pick:
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It was a successful event overall! Thank you everyone for participating and thank you to all that made the event happen!
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