Need More Info I’m missing a lot in the game it feels empty

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Hi im playing this game now for like 70h i have my own kingdom

And im missing a lot.

-Like where are the feast, so you can take a breath from time to time increase relations with lords This is not so diffcult to implent?
-the hunting with lords so you can increase relationships with them.
- more convo with your companions there most of the time your bestmates til you die so, give them more tasks, option to make them lords?
-And why dont they adress you as a king in your own castle/city? Peasants/merchants soldiers are like who are you?
-Your wife doenst have a real role just popping out kids and staring at a wall.Her father,siblings cant join you in war even when you married the daughter of the vlandian king maybe give her more diplomacy tasks
-when i try lords to convince to join me i get sometimes a crash, when i give a castle to one of my lords i get denied acces to his castle i justgave him.
-The command controles in battle doenst work when i give my soldiers/archers a order they just keep standing stil in the same formation
-missing a lot of armor/clothing like knight armor or more decorated armor/cloting for people with more denars from that time period feels like i always see the same armors/clothing in shop.
-when you defeat a bunch of lords with a army of 400 soldiers in battle the always regroup very fast before you are recovered or another group is already ready to attack you besieging is a pain some times.
- companions/lords dont recruit fast and most of the times they get caught by a group of looters (why dit they remove the starting soldiers for companions?
-sieges are broken sometimes my infrantry are standing in front of the ladder but dont always climb so they get picked of by archers on the wall very frustrating missing half of my army before im even inside the castle/city.

i know it’s EA and i like the game is has so much potential and the basic things from wb are missing in bannerlord hope features like this just get implented fast in the game.

if my english is bad im sorry im dutch so.


The only thing I fully disagree with is I don't see why new parties should be given free troops from nowhere. I just give them mine.

Hope everything else will be implemented in the game in the future.
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Game is stripped of those things becasue they are trying to fix as much as possible and if they had everything in the game it would make it nearly impossible and a lot more time consuming to fix those issues -> mainly performance and stability issues. That is a reason why there is just basic stuff because even that basic stuff is doing trouble.


tl;dr: The game is in early-access and can be expected to have bugs, glitches, and missing content.

Welcome to Early Access: This is where the devs test for major game flaws using the plays as their test base. Before complaining about missing content be sure to read the blurb made by the developers on the Steam store page. There is a very long description of what Early Access for Bannerlord entails. Some of the main points are that there will be bugs, Not all content is in the game yet. Here are some excerpts from the Devs note (see the link to Steam Store page at the bottom of this post):

We are hoping to run a productive and efficient early access for M&B Bannerlord as well. However, due to the nature and scale of [the] game that we have envisioned, there may be various problems or missing features and content during the course of early access.

Quest Content: A portion of planned quests may be missing entirely, and those in the game may be using placeholder maps, animations, etc.

Balancing: Various aspects of the game may be poorly balanced. Parts of the game may be too easy or too hard.

Savegames: We will strive to keep savegame compatibility during EA, however it may be technically infeasible to provide 100% backward compatibility in savegames and you may occasionally have to start a new game after updating to a new version.

Bugs and glitches: Although we strive to create a stable game experience, the game will be actively developed during early access and hence there will be a greater chance of bugs and glitches creeping up. It will[,] of course[,] be a priority to fix these.

Singleplayer Features: Several planned single[-]player features may be missing or incomplete. These include but are not limited to: full game controller support, some skill and perk effects, crafting, some aspects of sieges, and clan, army and kingdom management.

The full developer message can be found by going to the Steam store page: HERE, and clicking the read more link under the early-access note. Please ensure you read and understand what early-access and beta-testing are before you purchase an early-access game (as early-access is pretty much open beta-testing). I do apologize as I know this sounds a bit condescending, but I see these types of posts quite often with early-access games. This is not pointed at OP directly but to all of those who are complaining about missing content.


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Community Support
Hello, thank you for reporting these issues. Unfortunately, we weren't able to respond to this topic when it was first created.
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