1. Sancağı geri almak istiyorum

    Ana görevde imparatorluğu birleştirmeye karar verdim ve sancağı rhagaea ya teslim ettim. Üzerine saatlerce oynadım ama sanırım rhagaea ile anlaşamıyoruz. Sancağı geri alıp kendi krallığımı kurmak istiyorum. Bu mümkün mü? bunun için bir mod var mıdır?
  2. Crypex

    Combat Parameters Between Multiplayer and SinglePlayer

    While comparing combat between multiplayer and single-player I noticed that the combat parameters are not the same. One of the main things that I noticed is how the stance system does not work the same way as a single player. In a single-player the stance system seems to not change if a player...
  3. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding fight as your clanmember ( different party)

    Is there a way to link the notification that your clan member is under attack to a pop-up asking if you want to fight the battle manually as your clanmember ? This would hopefully make it possible to play more as a clan and will add more variety to the game. You fight with different party...
  4. In Progress Klanımdaki dağılmayan birlik

    ilk karakterim yaşlılıktan Öldükten sonra oğluyla devam etmiştim yeni karakterle Oynamaya çalışırken ölen Karakterin birliğinin dağılmadığını fark ettim kendisi sürekli orda dağılıyor diyor ama dağılmıyor Yardımcı olabilirmisiniz ekleyemedim) bu benim ilk...
  5. Kenzo-0-

    Conqueror's Blade Style Unit Controls for Bannerlord

    Now before anyone comes and spams they're different games without reading the thread let me clarify, I'm aware of that. But i dislike how little I control on a battle and how ai can act randomly. If the player can micro manage the basics of the units, bannerlord battles will be more...
  6. erden520

    Helmet issues after 1.5.6 update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: / After: . I hope you fix this.
  7. Wanderer/companion amount?

    So i have multiple saves and in each i have different amount of wanderers available. It seams the longer the day count in the game the more wanderers i can meet but i have'nt found out what is the reason in game for increasing available wanderer amount and can all possible wanderers be unlocked?
  8. Fabous

    Resolved Stutterin during the battle when new troops arrive(spawning)

    I have constant stutters and fps-drops, in large battles at the moment when new units spawn on the map, not matter in what ammount. Also if I just started the game and went to the global map or for a long time was in pause mode, then at the first "movement" it also freezes for 1-2 seconds...
  9. Need More Info I can't start the game

    I bought the game after release and spent 70 hours in it. After some time I stopped playing it, waiting for new content. During this time I uninstalled it. Now after installing the game does not start. After pressing play in the launcher nothing happens. I've waited for hours after start, but...
  10. Yet another massive post about mod/vanilla ideas

    Okay, it seems to be a common occurrence that people write an essay on their requests for the game, so here I am, having written an essay on my requests for the game. Quick disclaimer, I love this game, I fully support the developers, many of these points are a message to modders rather than the...
  11. TitanWalker

    Resolved The Game crashes mid startup.

    After launching the game, on the loading screen to the main menu the game crashes all the time, i try to Verify the game do not work and even uninstalling the game about 2 time and i cant start the game for the launcher and the cashes note 'the applicaton faced a probem. weneed to collect...
  12. salihonur

    [ÇÖZÜLDÜ] STEAM OYUNU AÇILMIYOR! (Teşekkürler Taleworlds)

    Merhaba, Aslında single ve multiplayer diye ayırmak doğru değil. Oyun hiç açılmıyor. Bannerloard cursoru gelip gidiyor. Güncel kararlı yamaları aktif tutuyorum ama 2 haftadır böyle. Dün kaldırıp sıfırdan kurduğum halde düzelmedi. Aşağıda GIF ve ekran görüntülerini paylaşıyorum...
  13. Need More Info Crash when trying to siege Mecalovea Castle

    I couldnt get a screen shot of it but ever time i try to siege Mecalovea Castle the game just freezes and wont let me do anything. I have tried leaveing the siege on a reload but i wont let me move from that area anymore. No dump just froze. PC specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900k CPU...
  14. Red_Moth

    Resolved Production problem

    After the last update, I got very strong friezes, at first the game works well for the first few minutes, but then the freezes start because of which it is not possible to play, at first I thought that the problem was in the graphics, I made it to the minimum, but the friezes remained (less than...
  15. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Big thread about single player exploits! What are your favorites? What are problems?

    I'm just going to loosely define an exploit as thing you can do in the game that gives you and advantage that is more then you would expect. Gonna just describe the one's I know and what I think about them. Retreat is always the best option: You can always retreat and re-set the map, re-fill...
  16. Perk Mounted Archer doesn't work.

    Hope i won't repeat the topic but the Mounted Archer perk doesn't work. Long bow can not be used on horseback.
  17. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress 1.4.3 beta +hotfixes Intense stutter and lag when waiting/sieging until eventual freeze

    Summary: Intense audio stutter and lag when waiting in settlement or sieging settlement. Eventually freezes completely and must be closed in task manager, audio often remains playing for a short time after. Have not had this issue before. Loading much older saves doesn't seem to have the...
  18. Jbird_The_Squire

    Resolved Using Steam controller configuration with Xbox One Elite controller makes the campaign map zoom in and out with triggers.

    I have had an issue with this sense the 1.4.3 patch. When loading the game I use the steam version and use the steam controller configuration to play with my Xbox controller. The game was working fine and was playable with a controller in 1.4.2 but after the release of 1.4.3 the triggers zoom in...
  19. CeyXiong

    Kral'ın davet etmesi

    Resimde de gördüğünüz üzere eskiden Mount & Blade'de bize bir ulak geliyordu ve Hükümdar bizi derebeyi olmaya davet ediyordu. Bannerlord'da 100 saat civarında SinglePlayer oynamışımdır ama hiç böyle bir şey denk gelmedi. Yaklaşık 2 aydır SinglePlayer oynamıyorum ama update notlarından okuduğum...
  20. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Please make AI lords recruit units and buy horses from villages/towns/clan garrisons and such, like the player does.

    The AI endlessly comes back without spending enough (any?) time doing anything but attacking the player. They repeatedly have more troops and horses then their fiefs could possibly give them. It has been over a year of the Khuzait doing nothing but attacking me and being defeated, but they don't...
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