How to download and install AOC 1

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Hm, well then there is a possibility you have a virus that's messing up your instalers. You should try changing your antivirus program and reinstaling system of course, try windows7, you wont be dissapointed.

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it may be a stupid question, but does it work with 1.134? i know, i can edit the .ini file, but i want to be sure before downloading.

well, downloaded, modified. crashes, crashes, crashes. are some graphical mods integrated there? almost every 2 minutes i get a- DirectX shader error
                      - or a message saying: Windows- virtual memory too low. ( :lol: )
i lowered the graphics, but still crashes. i'll try DX7 thought.

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Zimke, sorry if I'm bothering you, and sorry for posting this here, but can you look into the PM that I sent you and reply when you have time? Thanks :smile:


Is the link broken for anyone else? I cant try firefox either because it also seems to be broken...

Edit: Stopped being lazy and re-installed but still Firefox is not working either.


The link to mbrepository isn't working any more. something is wrong with the mbrepository site in general, can you please post a mirror download or something?

EDIT: OK its up and running, must've had some site maintenance or whatnot.
It was stickied once, but now, since we stopped with updates for old mod and completely focused on making a new one,  there is no need for that.
What does it say exactly and when, giving details about the problem (Or screenshots can help as well) will help them help you figure out what you need to do to get it to work. just saying unable to load resource/helmets isn't very descriptive (Other then being a resource problem  :lol:).

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how do i post a screen shot?
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