So No Replacement for Callum the Horrendously Inactive Community Manager ?

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You remember Callum?

The Scottish Community Manager who never .... well...... managed anything?

It says a lot about this terrible joke of a company that he never seems to have been replaced. Taleworlds keep posting these ' Community Updates ' on Steam... and yet....

It's always been absolutely clear that , as a company, they only view the 'community' as a resource. A resource which they can milk - in order to keep their obviously lacking product alive.
I'm fairly sure he wasn't Scottish but I believe Piconi was his replacement in that position though posts are few and far between with little real substance.
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What do expect to accomplish with this post?
What else is there to post about, the issues have all been pointed out ad nauseum to them already for years/months. The only ones that need to accomplish something is TW.

The only things left now are 'when patch'? They already struck out March from a single post (they dare deemed to communicate) at the beginning of that month. Good bet nothing for this month either (guessing we'll see a dev post that in the next few days confirming that); then silence for remainder of April. Cycle repeats for May.
Most likely the higher ups have a strict NDA policy guideline for their CM's and considering they are often confused themselves -well theres not much for a CM to do except take on grievance
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