How should Kingdoms end?

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I'm sure by now everyone has encountered that one Kingdom that refuses to quit no matter what. They refuse to submit without tribute, and despite having no fiefs, still manage to maintain the loyalty of a few clans. Sure, you could just execute them but for some reason executing enemy combatants in war is the most heinous crime you could possibly commit in Caldria.

While I'm sure the answer this problem is "coming soon", I'm curious how players would like to see Kingdoms end (or possibly be recreated from the ashes)

Listing out some examples, but feel free to input your own ideas.

1) OG Warband

- After having no fiefs for a certain period, the Kingdom dissolves and the King/Vassals become free agents.

2) Diplomatic Surrender

- The hardest barter option, the Kingdom admits utter defeat to the enemy and its assets are absorbed.

3) Abdication

- Through persuasion, the King is convinced that continuing further is pointless, dissolves the kingdom, and joins the enemy faction.

4) No Mercy

- The ruler clan must be extinguished for the Kingdom to dissolve.

5) Exile

- Similar to #1, but the Kingdom clans leave the map "never to return".

6) Vote of No Confidence

- A diplomatic proposal in which the clans vote on maintaining the Kingdom or not

7) Split Vote

- After death of the leader, a majority vote for next ruler cannot be achieved. This leads to a "fracturing" of the Kingdom among the prospective heirs who maintain
their fiefs but are no longer in a Kingdom.

And maybe one day, we'll have the AI create new Kingdoms.


If there was an option for landless clans to become mercenary, and for mercenaries to claim land (like the player), then we might also have an interesting out for kingdoms.
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