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How do you get vassals?

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I have six fiefs and is at war with battania. I want to recruit battanian lord as vassals. From what I know, you find them and talk to them instead of attack, and convince them to join. I also read something about capturing one of the chosen lord's fiefs but that didnt help either. Problem is, they are always is an army, so I can only talk to leader who refuses to "Talk about such matters while they are in an army". When I capture them, I cant talk to them, because someone tought its a good idea to not let you talk to prisoners. So I cant find single parties, and I cant barter with armies or prisoners. In the main quest, my current objective is to go to Marunath to talk to that dude about creating a kingdom. I have completed assembling the banner. I also have positive relationship with the lords I talked to.

For an example, there is Rodarac, a lord with whom I have 16 relationship and captured one of his fiefs. He is a prisoner and refuses to talk. Also, its stupid that you cant even talk to captive kings. It would be significantly better, if you could do some special bartering with a captive king, like demanding fiefs for a peace. Or maybe get huge tribute payments, if you release a captive king as part of a peace, bujt no, we dont have that, because that would actually make sense.

I really love this game, but oh boy does it need some improvements in some parts.

What do I do? I have spent tons of hours trying to figure out how the helll do I make my own kingdom. Right now, I am consatantly getting war declarations from three kingdoms, and have only my clan in the kingdom, with about 150 war ready soldiers.

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So they need to not be in an army.... which is the hardest part and the head of the clan I think?

Its annoying asf though, they need to implement what warband had, lose lords would turn up and try swear allegiance to you ( as back then each lord was independent and depending on their actions could be booted from the kingdom)


you have to talk to the clan leader, thats not in a army or a prisinor, dosen't matter if your at war or not, you can click your hero portrait go under kingdoms and look up the clans for specific kingdoms, see the head leaders name, has mentions of his last seen location to or if hes captured for instance. can see how many castle or towns the clan has to, seems to make me crash alot trying to access notes for me, only time I crash in bannerlord I recommend saving before useing the notes

its anywhere from 100.000 to 450.000 gold to recruit a lord with no holdings, castle is like 1+ m I think and citys way more, if you dont have enough you dont even get the option to ask to recruit them, if you fail the speech check, you have to wait a week to try again, should keep the previous sucessesful speech checks.
mercenary companys im unsure about, recruited one once and their left the next day :smile:

if you have alot of castle and towns in your own faction but weak overall kingdom strenght alot of other kingdoms seem to declare war against you even if their not negihbouring up to your kingdom, I recommend to start your kingdom in cornors
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