How do i weaken my own kingdom

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Hi guys, so, i am in a strange spot. I changed my allegiance a few times, wasn't really comfortable with being vlandian because i really don't like their troops, despite them being really bullied. Started as a sturgian, but currently want to use mostly imerial troops plus battanian fians. and so i thought the best place to be would be the western empire. I joined them as a mercenary, became a vassal and made it so that i would receive epicrotea when we bashed the north. Great, best city if i want to extend my influence into sturgia and battania, love it.

Now here is the problem. Ever since i joined them, they have become unstoppable. They have a strength of 10k, they bully everyone else, and i want at some point become independent and not wait till Garios dies. So i thought, at some point they might get ganked by 2 or 3 other kingdoms and i could take advantage, but instead, they declare wars and everytime we get a castle or two even if i don't help. If i want to level my troops it's of course even worse and i generally like to have something to do. Proposing war on other kingdoms while we already have one running has a 0% chance, what else can i do to weaken us :smile:
Well as you said, REBEL!
Thats the only real way if you are strong enough to hold your town against them.

You can if you have most influence in the kingdome spam unpopular policies - which will deplete the influence of the clans, and thus they cant really form up armies when they need to.
Staying out of the battles will help in the long turn to make them weaker, as "player agency is usually really powerful".

There will come a time no doubt down the line where they will be ganked by Vlandia, Asari, Battania and most likely even Sturgia and Northen Empire (not likely Khuzait as they dont really share borders from what you tell me).
When that scenario unfolds with atleast 2-3 of them ganking - just be around your town, and let them loose ground on their own.
But, but, but that takes time :sad: And patience. So far, they really seem to do doing really well on their own and the others are not really interested in ganking us.
Try to get laws passed that give -Loyalty, and repeal any that give +Loyalty. That will push many of the kingdom's cities into a cycle of rebelling, which drains both prosperity and resources.

Also, when war breaks out form an army and call as many lords as possible to it, then hang out far from the front line. With your kingdom's forces tied up in an army that does nothing, the enemy will have a much easier time capturing settlements.
I found the ultimate tool and i am not sure why it is possible. You can simply raid a village of a neutral kingdom and declare war on them by that. That is insane. You can simply declare war on all other kingdoms at the same time, then peace out your own faction and watch the world burn. And besides your own faction, no one will hate you for it. You lose influence for it, but that is resetted anyway. Really weird, that this is allowed.
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