How "Auto Resolve" calculated?

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I try to find calculation behind Auto resolve. Best what i can find is a long Post in Nexusmods from keehuu(sticked).

Do anyone can say its still uptodate? Or have someone an idea how its calculated? I´m not talking about Tactic skill, its no brainer. I´m want to know best for min-max in troop wise.

- How much impact have units tier?
- Foot troops with horse? Better to use only cavalary?
-Most effective unit/wage?
The autoresolve is faction-agnostic.

The thing that matters for troops is their power (GetPower), which is literally just three things:
Hero? 50% bonus.
Tier? This determines most of a unit's power.
Mounted? 20% bonus.

From there is the usual dicerolls (SimulateHit and GetSimulatedDamage) which other people covered in more detail.

Cataphracts (T5 or T6) are never going to need a 3-to-1 or 4-to-1 ratio to beat a typical Khuzait force, since most Khuzait mounted units aren't that high tier. And even if the Khuzaits were only T5 or T6 -- for whatever reason -- the exchange ratio would be around 1 to (napkin math) 1.3 at worst. That's before getting into the issue that higher numbers are favored by (usually) rolling first, so right from the beginning they kill some of the less numerous defenders.

This missing the new buffs and debuffs to cavalry, archers and mounted archers depending on terrain.
1-So, its not best strategy to have only cavalry? You have not only fight in the open field.

2-Have you uptodate buffs and debuffs value?

1. Depends where you plan to fight most of the time, but as rule of thumb, cavalry only is not advised for autoresolve only mainly for its cost.

2. From the 1.2 Beta Changelong (that is, not on the live version, but the beta)

Reworked the Auto Battle Calculation system.
  • Mission and terrain types now provide bonuses or penalties for attackers and defenders.
  • For example, an attacking horse archer on flat terrain now has a large bonus but if you throw him into the forest that converts into a large penalty. Defending archers do great in a siege while attacking ones receive a penalty and so on.
  • Perks of the Army/Party leader that have a Captain effect now also give a bonus to all the troops under their command. A tier is determined for each of these perks and those are then counted together. Tier 1-3 gives a bonus of 1%, tier 4-6 of 2%, tier 7-8 of 3%, and tier 9+ of 6%.
    • For example, having the Deft Hands (T6) and Form Fitting Armor (T2) perks results in a bonus of 3% (T8 ).
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