Goodbye Mexxico, Thanks For Everything! (Mexxico Leaves TW. Tribute Post)

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@mexxico Thank you very much for everything! It is great to meet devs like you engaging the community and working with so huge passion. It has been a pleasure for me to know you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects, and keep for sure that I will try to participate as player giving feedback if you decide to create your own game project.

It is sad that you are not going to continue working on Bannerlord, because it will mean for sure that the game won’t be as good as if you would continue, but at the same time I am happy for you.

Thanks again for everything and see you soon when you start new projects!


Thank you for post @Rubinsaw

Actually even I am freeing myself after 13 years of working I am really sad because of losing ability of helping that many players here. We become like friends with many of you. We even made tables examinations with players here like we are all working at same studio. That make my dreams partly come true. I wanted to create games which is played by lots of players since I was 10 years old, first made board games from cartoons and played it at neighbourhood, even I was taking about something equal to today’s quarter Euro from each child playing that board game to cover cartoon expenses. Then learnt coding and things become easier.

Game development is a different job which you can interact with your end users easily. More interaction yields better gameplay. You also need to be one user of your product. These are the only real formulas to create something succesfull. You do not have to do everything players want but you have to discuss with them. Sometimes I could not go into deep discussions because of language barrier. Still even after these years my English is not good enought to discuss some complex game mechanics. We did as much we can do.

Even you change something small sometimes you can get really good feedbacks. Its one of the most satisfying jobs a person can do. Also actually I believe you overrated me here. Even I did not do that much you always appreciated. I am really glad for this I did not deserve that much love. I could not solve some of your problems. Sorry for remaining problems. I hope team will solve them.

I am sad I could not see end of EA and join a release celebration with team. Because of covid I could only see collegues several times face to face (not in screen). I see 2 securities of office everyday only. Life is not that long. I already spend 13 years. I want to give some break, visit and travel different places free my mind spend time for hobbies learn new things for about half or one year and then create new projects which I have more control over. I do not want to pass time looking to a computer screen for a time. Life is valueable. If I do new projects in future of course these will be indie projects do not expect something big but I can guarentee good gameplay.

I do not want to lose contact with you. Thats not related to only projects. We can share thoughts about politics or other topics where to find good camping area or a good hiking way or any other issue. I want to get in contact with you like one of your friend. You can add me at Instagram (username : cocojobo) and you can ask anything anytime you can see places where I am living, camping, hiking etc. If you visit Turkey I will be at Sigacik / Seferihisar mostly at summers and september you can even come visit we can eat tasty Aegen sea fish together and drink raki (search this). However if you want to get only information about future projects you can send mail to [email protected] just write “I want to get informed” so I can send you information when one day (maybe 1 year later) something new is developed.

Thanks for all your help, feedbacks. You created Taleworlds. From first day Armagan posted about his idea and demo you backed Mount & Blade project and him. Thanks for all. I really appreciate. You also created different modes and different gameplays without any expectation these modes incresed replayibility of M&B games. Also thanks to all streamers for example @Flesson19 look his huge efforts :

I will be here and post here some photos from these 13 years in next days.
Rest easy King, you earned it. Hope to see you take your talents to another large studio outside of Turkey one day once you've accomplished all you want there, for one more adventure, if you still have the energy for it all :grin: Thanks again though Mex, you have truly been the best and you'll always be remembered.

Far from it, quite an honour in all honesty :wink:
That meme was so thematically perfect Terc,nailed it. If you do happen to have anymore up your sleeve please do make it rain. I also need a new signature :ROFLMAO:


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[...] That meme was so thematically perfect Terc,nailed it. If you do happen to have anymore up your sleeve please do make it rain. I also need a new signature :ROFLMAO:
Thank you! You could put this one in your signature if you wish :iamamoron: .


I've become quite selective with memes... unfortunately. 😌
mexxico saying goodbye after he talked it over with family and they taking vacation first time in 12 years


Thank You and Good Luck and Happy Travels
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I usually have a cup of coffee before delving into your longer posts. Will sorely miss that.
Best of luck, and thank you for sharing your passion with us.


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Thanks for all messages! I am sure our ways somehow intersect in future again with many of you.

Previously I said I will add some photos. Here are some.

Road to Taleworlds at winter (home to office) :
At first 5-6 years of working I prefer walking to office then in remaining years sometimes walked sometimes bcycle sometimes car.
Ankara is not usually snowy like that at winter maybe 5-10% of days snow is seen at ground, these photos taken at a snowy day.























Photos from playing board games with collegues :
In Taleworlds, most of us like playing board games. These are photos from some these moments.

Game bgg link :
Players : Cem Çimenbiçer, Can Altıgül, Alpar Dalgıç, me

Game bgg link :
Players : Cem Çimenbiçer, Mikael, Mustafa Erdem, me

Game bgg link :
Players : Cem Çimenbiçer, Can Altıgül, Armağan Yavuz, Berk Eserol

Game bgg link :
Players : Armagan Yavuz, Başak Ece Can, Fırat Çebi, me

Game bgg link :
Players : Engin Mercan, Cem Çimenbiçer, Onurcan Dönmez, me

Photos from white board at office :
These are from brainstroming for designs. Initial step.
Of course there were too many brainstorming for different designs but I took photos of only these. Some of these designs are changed by time.





Other stuff :

Taleworlds soccer team for a tournament, we lose all 3 matches and eliminated.

These baskets are a tradition in company. It has different snacks. At first years it was easy there was only 10-20-30 baskets.

We make a new year lottery every year. This is knex lottery machine for 2016. There are 4 different color balls and they drop randomly and form a 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 combination. Actually because we have limited balls not all probabilities are same.

Thats a long walk to the office!

It looks like a tight knit team, must be tough saying goodbye after such a long time. Cherish the memories!


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This is the second time today that a single tear came out of my otherwise heroic eye.

Thanks mexxico for reasons that need not be mentioned, but the most important thing for me - thank you for showing me a glimpse of what being a part of TaleWorlds feels like, seems to me as an isolated piece of heaven only a few lucky ones can ever be embraced into. Looking at these photos and the following notes, i got a warm and cosy feeling, thus i can only imagine what it really meant and means to all the actual employees.
I feel like because of you i only now understand TW employees a bit better and the personal emotional investment involved. Will be mindful.

I will not say goodbye, but i will say to you what i would say to a hunter to wish him a bountiful game - "Have a good sight!"
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