Option to give Family Members a seperate Clan

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Hi i am playing on Ps4/Ps5 and i like to see more options for your Family/Clan members.

It would be so awesome to reward Family a Clan of their own, like you can do with Companions. An Example is you want to reward your Brother for his Exellent Services. You make him Clan Leader but you also have the option to choose who you want as Clan Members from your Family. The obvious Choice would be His Wife and Children. In that way you can make room for more Family as the maximum active Clan members you can have is 60. I Would also like the option to Still have Control over the new Family Clan. You still have acces to them like they were in your clan. But on a 2nd Page or sub page in Clan Management. But things like Workshops and Ally's you lose control over cause it would be too much to handle and to much Micro Management. And also they only can have 1 Town or Castle, their fief and Garrison you dont have control over either. they can have Up to 3 Parties that work for you and 3 Caravans, you can also find this on the 2nd Clan Page or sub Page.

And Lastly maybe there should be a Maximum number of Family Clans you can Make. Lets say 4 or 5. I hope you like this idea of mine and also i hope this is something TW could Merge in the game aswell. As i know it isnt that easy to add new content. Grtz Vaan.
I have a little twist that comes from Game of Thrones. Sure you could reward, but you could also have a chance for family members to leave and start a family civil war. Similar to the Blacks and Greens it would have to be a larger family and would most likely have backings. Merciful lords in the kingdom would ally with the rebels who want mercy while the cruel side with the original. This would probably only be for ruling clans. A ruling clan like Derthert’s would most likely just banish the rebels every time to avoid weakening the kingdom
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