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I'm currently playing Warband via the GeForce Now cloud gaming service and I have an issue with every sound in the game.

It's an issue that I've seen reported multiple times on steam's forums and on Nvidia forums, and I have already reported it to Nvidia (and they told me to address the problem to the developers). I think it exists only while playing the game on Win10.

Every sound in the game is disturbed and annoying. If I weren't playing via GeForce Now, the solution would be a simple edit in a game file, but with GeForce Now I have no file to edit.
This is a link to a video I registered:

This is a link to a post of this board in which the solution for people who don't play in cloud was found.

Is there a way for solving this?

Thank you.

(anyway since I'm already here I'm addressing the problem to Taleworlds support mail too)

EDIT: I had tried the classic version of Mount & Blade (via GeForce Now this too) before Warband and it didn't have this bug.
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Forwarded to the developers for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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