Open warband have compatibility problem with rtx 4000 series graphic cards (thats what I think)

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When I try to play warband after a while (like 20 seconds) it crushes at the first moment the screen glitches and the sound as well, than the screen turns into black and crushes the game. I dont know what's wrong. I ve tried to verify files. and reinstall the game but didint solve my problem. the thing I know is about my new laptop in my old laptop there was no problem but, from since try of my new laptop I got that problem. and I have tried on exactly same model laptop of my laptop and I have experienced the same problem on the other exacly same laptop. I believe there is something wrong about laptop version of rtx4000 series or something like that, and I believe there are plenty of people experiencing same problem.


RTX 4070 (laptop version)
i7 - 12650H
16gb ram
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