Resolved Solution for "... group of enemies spotted nearby x" bug.

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If you're reading this thread, I think you're familiar with this bug. When you take all the lands of a kingdom you expect them to be defeated. However, they don't get defeated but you either can't see any lords of them. On the notification section on bottom left you see this message "Small group of enemy spotted nearby xxx castle/city/village." but when you go there you don't see any enemies. Your vassals patrol the area, you look for the enemy, but no luck. There is no one and yet the notification goes on and the faction is still alive on paper. So, how to fix that?

1- Download Warbender. This will allow us to edit our savefile.
2- Backup your savefile just in case.
3- Run the Warband launcher and enable cheating.
4- Run the game and open your save.
5- Open the console and type "cheatmenu"
6- Now that cheatmenu is active, go talk to one of your lords.
7- Click "CHEAT - Take the following action."
8- Click "CHEAT - Let us attack an enemy war party."
9- Now, there will be a list of lords you can attack to. Their names will be written alongside with their factions. You will look for a lord of the faction you took all the lands of. For example, you took all the lands of Nords but you have this bug. You will look for Nords on this list. You will see at least one Nord name as an option to attack.
10- Note the name of the lords of the target faction.
11- Close the game without saving and open Warbender and load your save.
12- Type the full name of the lord in search bar. For example don't type "Kramuk". You must type the name with its title like "Boyar Kramuk".
13- You will get the result under "Parties" section. Double click on it.
14- Look at the second line on the right. It will say "(IsPresent) True"
15- Change it to "(IsPresent) False"
16- Apply this to all the noted lords.
17- Save the file.
18- Run the game and open your save as usual.
19- Wait for a moment and let the time pass. The faction must be defeated in a few seconds.

Sorry for not writing this in a clearer English. I may edit it later. I hope this helps.
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