1. Dmitrov

    In Progress Horses moving can cause audio cut outs

    Summary: vast amounts of horses moving can make audio glitches hapoen. Like bows being silent or voices being static or melee weapons hitting sheilds being spotty How to Reproduce: have lots or cavlary or horse archers move around Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Dmitrov

    In Progress NO viiage ambient auido glitch

    Summary: bascally what I man is like the audio you hear when you click on a villiage and you hear, chatter,horses,birds etc and you are supposed to hear that in the villiage as well but I dont. That audio is nowhere to be found in many villiages, no wind not a thing. The only audio is you...
  3. Resolved Game client (launcher?) plays foreign application audio.

    Summary: Game client somehow saved a URL to another steam game in it's memory and every time I launch the game - game goes to this steam page URL (on background) and autoplays audio from it. It coninues even when launcher is closed and the game itsself is opened. To summerize: - I don't have any...
  4. In Progress Sound loss during battle PS5

    Summary: During a battle and after my character has gone down, the game Audio is muted for the rest of the game session. Only quitting and restarting fixes it until the next battle. The occasions it has happened are when the battle info is up and the battle speed is increased. It doesn’t happen...
  5. neverknows

    Agent.PlayAudio() or something similar?

    Is there currently a way to access an agent during a mission and have it play an audio file? Something like Agent.PlayAudio() or Agent.SetWantsToPlayAudio() to stay similar to Agent.SetWantsToYell()?
  6. Resolved Audio crackling when riding on paved roads

    Summary:I recently bough the game and was enjoying for a few hours when I noticed the games audio start crackling whenever I ride my horse at max speed on stone pavement, this is a minor audio problem but it is really bugging me, I messed around with my computers sound systems and nothing seems...
  7. [OSOD] Imperator

    Need More Info Sound of Coom *Audio*

    Summary: This is a very rare audio, that I have only heard one other time about 2 months ago. How to Reproduce: I have no clue, I have only heard twice and it appears to be random. Scene Name (if related): Both times this audio happened was in the Town outskirts map. Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  8. In Progress Geforce Now, Windows 10 and nasty audio bug

    Hello, I'm currently playing Warband via the GeForce Now cloud gaming service and I have an issue with every sound in the game. It's an issue that I've seen reported multiple times on steam's forums and on Nvidia forums, and I have already reported it to Nvidia (and they told me to address the...
  9. WouLinX

    Resolved No Sound Effect when Hitting on the Ground with Spear

    There is no sound effect when you hitting on the ground with spear. It happens in both Singleplayer & Multiplayer.
  10. Resolved Wrong troop call-out when companion is assigned to formation

    When you assign a companion to a troop formation other than the default infantry formation, your character will no longer refer to that troop formation by it's proper name. As an example, if I assign a companion to the archer formation, and then enter a battle and hit 2 on my keyboard, my...
  11. blanketParty

    Faction Specific Language Overhaul Mod

    Hello ! So I made a post on Reddit about wanting to start this mod. The idea is to make languages for each faction inspired by ancient languages. I have been using modern tongues as well just to speed up the process a bit as it takes a while to find all the info on older languages. Nonetheless...
  12. Amplify .wav files in

    I didn't know there were city ambience sounds or other unique sounds until I turned off music and listened closely in the city. Upon using Audacity to inspect the files, I noticed most of these .wav files were turned way down. These sound files and any others that are turned down should be...
  13. Need More Info In Battle: Game stutters whenever more than 256 Audio sources are selected

    Summary: Whenever I try and up the audio sources in my game, the game starts to stutter, microfreezing every 10 seconds or so How to Reproduce: Set Audio Sources to higher than 256 Settings menu. Happens in both tournaments as well as all other scenery. Version: (1.4.2) issue was apparent in all...
  14. Bloc

    SP Native Battle Speech - Pre-Battle General Speech Mod

    You are on your horse, breathing slowly, looking at the mighty enemy army that is standing in front of you. Then you are looking at your fellow soldiers, who followed your orders without any second thought in your Campaign against these barbarians. You know that this is the last time you are...
  15. Headphones or Surround

    Should I choose Surround in the Audio Config to use with Dolby Atmos? Or do I use Headphones?
  16. Resolved surround audio positionnement bug

    I'm using a headphone with a sound blaster Z for virtualized surround. Using the surround setting in audio settings seems to have an inaccurate positioning for front left and front right position. To be explicit, if you have something (like a soldier, or horse, something producing sound) on...
  17. Noudelle

    Horse hoofbeat audio is too quiet

    Hoofbeats audio volume is too quiet, allowing cavalry to sneak up on you even though that shouldn't be possible for a galloping horse. Have a listen at this video where Vic rides his horse around me for a bit. Try to visualize where the horse would be based on the volume of the hoofbeats...
  18. Player voice volume

    Imo the player voice volume, especially when giving commands, is way too loud. Adding a slider in the options for this or tweaking the fixed volume could improve immersion as I need to keep the general volume fairly low now to reduce the raised eyebrows I get from my neighbors ;).
  19. Resolved Audio/Sound not working (ONLY in singleplayer)

    Hello, first of all congrats for the game release and wish you all the best The sound/audio/voices INCLUDING the INTRO music is not working in the Singleplayer mode of Bannerlord. Everything is normal on the Multiplayer, and i already checked/troubleshooted/verified files/checked the config.ini...
  20. Resolved crackling sound when too much cav fight on melee on high audio

    The sound from cav is crackling when too much cav are in melee when using the high audio setting (512 channel). I've tried with only infantry it doesn't crackel even with more soldiers.
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