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  1. Lornloth00

    Quick Talk in Keeps has wrong sounds

    It doesn't make sense that the quick talk scenes in the keeps have the sound of people fighting in the background. It would make more sense for there to be no sounds in the background, bards playing lutes or harps or just ambience. Its very distracting to hear noises like that when reading quest...
  2. Peanut_Brother

    Tournament Sounds: Dynamic Crowd Cheering and Victory Fanfare

    While I think tournaments are great, and one of the biggest improvements over warband, I think there are some opportunities on the Audio side that could really add to the experience. 1. Dynamic crowd noise: - The steady crowd noise is better than nothing, but it would be great to hear some...
  3. Lifesence

    Resolved No shooting sound from arrows

    Summary: No shooting sound from arrows How to Reproduce: Just started a new game after the latest 1.5.6 hotfix. Have you used cheats and if so which: No cheats, no mods. 100% Vanilla. Scene Name (if related): Any Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home GPU: NVIDIA...
  4. Resolved Hi, I got this really weird bug where when I am going fast on my horse the characters voice starts vibrating and echoing a little bit

    Summary: Hi, I got this really weird bug where when I am going fast on my horse the characters voice starts vibrating and echoing a little bit, is there any way to fix it? i have tried a lot of things and times. How to Reproduce: Purchase a faster horse like 50 speed maybe ( maybe even works for...
  5. In Progress Horrible sound breaking and crackling in large battles (save file and recording included)

    Summary: In large battles, when troops arrive at each other and begin fighting, the sound breaks up really bad. It's like the sound gets mushed together and becomes like static. It only happens when I'm near a clump of infantry that are engaging in combat, and disappears if I'm far enough away...
  6. TheWarrior88

    BL Other voice.assets.bank modding

    Hello dear TaleWorlds team! I have a problem editing the voice.assets.bank. every time I have edited it, the following error message appears: Application crashed because a fatal error occurred while checking sound bank files. Re-validating game files may solve this issue. -Files (s): * .bank...
  7. Count_Morfetico

    In Progress [Bug] Voice option for female character resets to type "1" after character creation

    Summary: So, I created a female character and selected voice type '2', right after, in campaign, the voice is set to type '1'. Tried modifying character ('V' key) and can't change to 2. How to Reproduce: Create a female character and select voice type 2 Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 64-bit...
  8. Necropolitan13

    Super Simple Arena Fight Improvement: Entry Sound

    This is an incredibly small and simple thing, so I'll get right to the point: Add a positional sound effect when a new combatant spawns in the arena practice fight. Easily one of the most annoying things about this game is the practice fights in the arena, due to the simple fact that new...
  9. BL Other Help Creating a Sound Mod to Replace Voiceovers

    Hello! I am trying to create a mod that will replace some of the .wav files within voice.assets.bank file. Previously I made my changes, repackaged it, and then replaced the core file under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Sounds\PC\. This no longer...
  10. Mauromagno Patriota

    WB Coding Assign a sound to scene prop whith pause

    Command store_mission_timer_a Hello everyone, I have seen that this command is used to calculate the seconds and execute a certain action, my question is: How can I occupy it to include it in an object (scene prop) so that every few seconds it makes a sound? I have other scene prop with sounds...
  11. Grimaldus


    Sound needs to be added to--it's a simple suggestion. make it so hoofs and footsteps change their sound depending on where they are. it's really...weird to hear the clattering of hoofbeats against pavement when I'm....on grass.
  12. In Progress Geforce Now, Windows 10 and nasty audio bug

    Hello, I'm currently playing Warband via the GeForce Now cloud gaming service and I have an issue with every sound in the game. It's an issue that I've seen reported multiple times on steam's forums and on Nvidia forums, and I have already reported it to Nvidia (and they told me to address the...
  13. WouLinX

    Resolved No Sound Effect when Hitting on the Ground with Spear

    There is no sound effect when you hitting on the ground with spear. It happens in both Singleplayer & Multiplayer.
  14. Bunduk

    Add an Horn and sound for the horn after perform an battle command!

    For example, after perform the attack command it will make an hornsound to show the enemy that we are attacking!
  15. Reus

    Documentation Sound Modding Sound & Music

    Modding Sound Documentation Disclaimer: This post contains documentation on modding sound. Documentation on modding music can be found in the second post in this thread. Table of contents can be found in the spoiler below. 1.1 Adding New Sounds Any new sound files must be added to the...
  16. ZavodilaSauklus

    Make Bannerlord Great. Part 4: Improving sieges for cities (battle within a city); Living world and perks; Sound during combat.

    Improving sieges for cities (battle within a city) 78.)Make it possible to retreat to the city and hold the defense there, having previously fortified the position. There is no need to make any captures of points, the goals of attackers and defenders are quite simple. Kill all defenders for...
  17. Realistic Battle Sound

    Hi there, I played M&B since years and what i still missing, is a stunning battle atmosphere during siege and field battles. I always wonder, if i stay in front of a castle in the middle of hundreds of soldiers, rolling battering rams and firing catapults and no one of the men are shouting or...
  18. Keimpe


    I do know that the major issues lie with the battling.And the all out war. But that is up to others. I am concerned that the lively world of Mount&Blade diminishes by focusing on one aspect, namely war and map-balance. I love to live the world of Bannerlord. Therefore my focus lies on the...
  19. Septimius Tullius

    Research Topic - Multiplayer Emotes

    So when I saw this in the patch notes for v. 1.4.3 I got to thinking, maybe the multiplayer part of this feature is semi-implemented, so we can get a "sneak peak" for what this feature is going to look like. Turns out I was correct.... The campaign.assets.BANK, when "de-.Banked" is a folder...
  20. AxiosXiphos

    Unit Command Responses

    So coming between Total War & Bannerlord I noticed something which really helped with the immersion in the total war franchise - unit responses. Every time you order your units into position they shout back an acceptance; "At Once" "By your Order" "At your Command" etc etc Thinking into it...
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