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Slawtering said:
I don't think any were there but how about some scottish units with half-kilts?

Hmmm im looking into this. It would be interesting to have a couple scots running around.
IndiaQuinn said:
Do not forget Brit Natal forces. They had dark blue uniforms.

As I've said:

We will release more uniforms and other asthetic stuff after the 1st/2nd patch. Lets get this actually done first.
I'm starting to think that the separate regiments should have their own factions. It'll look pretty stupid to have marines, and kilted soldiers running around together on top of the regular Victorian uniform.
Ishandalawanda (God i cant spell that for my life) had different regiments, why should there be different uniforms?
The different uniforms being the Marines and Scots you were talking about. It'll look silly to have them together in one battle. Okay maybe not as specific as regiments, something a bit broader maybe.
Most of what you guys are saying is already going to be implemented.. if we look back you can see my post about customization and uniform diversity (Bandages, Helmets, Uniforms, Etc.)
I really hope we can implement all this fun stuff now that we got shredz aboard. But don't expect too much from the first patch ;D
IndiaQuinn said:
RoyaleWithCheese said:
I'm curious. Did those cow-hide shields do anything against rifle fire? I'm guessing one-shot kills might be necessary to retain balancing anyway, but I was wondering. Can't wait to try this mod by the way, and those are some amazing models Austro!

The Martini Henri would shoot right through the shields. I think this gun could shoot through a guy and hit the one behind him.
A good straight stab of the bayonet would probably also go through this shield.

I think you underestimate the power of the Zulu shield, that dried to hell cowhide is actually really tough, and no army on earth would ever adopted a shield you can simply thrust through and kill the user. As for bullet penetration, how is this going to work? The shield should be large enough to cover the entire player (bot in this case) so you can't exactly aim for feet/head, how do you kill the Zulu's without making it a 2 shot kill (1 for the shield)?

As for the map layout, wave sizes, and areas of approach, Ill quote India Quinn's post from the 1st EPI forums.

IndiaQuinn said:
Found these very nice battlefield situation illustations. Editted the spreads into one image each. Very helpful for making a map.

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

An idea for Rorke's Drift would be to give the Zulu's a fair(ly large) number of gunmen, placed on a distant spawn located on a hilly or otherwise elevated piece of terrain, with a mixture of muzzle-loading muskets and other more advanced rifles, but all with low accuracy rating so as to prevent the all-too-often bot sniping seen in every mod to date. This could occur in multiple waves, or be historically accurate and spawn at the beginning, and simply remain in a zone which they cannot leave and snipe from there. Then you would need to give them ammunition aplenty and possibly reduce shooting stats further, so as to leave them there to maintain fire all throughout the game, and let the players decide if its worth the bullets to just shoot them all, or to just take a chance and ignore the innacurate gunfire. Further ideas for Rorke's Drift: make a surgeon class and see if you could acquire the uber-healing-scalpel from PW. This would make healing a gift rather than something players take for granted, and the defense of the surgeon of paramount importance.

As for Isandlwana, to be honest I dont really think that would be a "fun" Full Invasion scenario, if you read about the battle you'll find theres pretty much no advantageous terrain, which really kills it as there is no "funnel" for the bots, they simply come from all sides and the most you can do is backpedal and fire as fast as possible, until a spear hits you in the ass and you find there were actually 40 more Zulus you didnt see coming from that side. Alternatively you could make the camp Pulleine commanded from a slightly more fortified place than a bunch of tents, forgoing a little historical accuracy to make a sort of Rorke's drift but with different structures and layout.

Also, about the regimental uniforms used at Isandlwana, from what I recall it was really only the 24th Regiment of Foot which fought there in force, with multiple companies being deployed. The others were not British infantrymen but Natal and African Auxiliary forces(very poorly equipped African Auxiliaries, I remember reading that very small portions of these auxiliaries had fire arms at all, and these were but muzzle-loading muskets, in comparison to their British Officers and NCOs, all equipped with rifles >.> unfair much? :razz:). If you plan on adding classes for diversity's sake (personally I think uniformity has a certain nostalgic feeling to it) then you could add British Engineers (present at Isandlwana in very low numbers) and artillerymen, if you dont end up adding actual guns, make the artillerymen the crew of the overrun rocket battery.
So,if I get it right,this will be a mod were you have to hold ground against waves and waves of
Zulu's?, comparable with Full Invasion and Captain Co-op from WFAS? Nice :cool:
Why this is quite brilliant :O
A invasion verszion is better then a SP in my mind (of this war then,)
good luck with it, it looks very promising
On the Zulu shield. I am sure that the Zulu Shield was quite good, but I have read that it could not withstand a good stab of the bayonet. As Spearing said, good melee fighters such as the Zulu's would use the shield to deflect a stab. So I agree that in many cases it would give some protection. Bottom line. The shield was made to hold out agains traditional African weapons.

On forces:
The Natal Carabineers were a regular force equal to British territorial forces. A unit of them was killed at Isandlwana (though some reached Rorke's Drift and fought there)

At that battle also a contigent of Natal Horse was present. Some managed to escape to Rorke's Drift. They managed to cover the flanks at the beginning of the battle (in  the Zulu movie it was falsely portrait that they fled) and had to retreat due to shortage of ammo, and battle fatique (they were fighting all day already)
These horsemen were also a regular force, in contrast to the Natal Native Contingent (which even did not have uniforms). Lt Adendorff was NNC and stayed at Rorke's Drift.

I do not see the problem with having different Brit uniforms. They would just be different classes. The difference with the Zulus remains easy. Those that wore uniforms and those that wore hardly anything.

On the map:
Isandlwana is a hard map for invasion. Though at one stage of the battle the last remnants of the Brits were fighting at the wagon lager to make something of a last stand. This can very well be a part of the map Full Invasion style. The numbers of Zulu's would be staggering (6 times more than Rorke's Drift).

There were a couple more battles where the Brits were well defended.

Apart from Hlobane they were all a slaughter.

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