AUS/NZ Nr. 5 Dragoner Regiment Erzherzog Ferdinand

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Nr. 5 Dragoner Regiment Erzherzog Ferdinand
Continent: Oceania (Australia / New Zealand)
Language: English
Represented Nation on Field: Austria
• Unit is run by a veteran of the Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars with over 8 years experience
• Mature gamers with good-natured banter and very welcoming
• We have our own internal server provider and organize modded events for various other, popular Mount & Blade: Warband mods including:
⦁ Anglo-Zulu Wars
⦁ The Deluge
⦁ North vs South: First Manassas
• Our regiment included in the original game of Napoleonic Wars
• Simple and clear military structure allowing for tangible progression and recognition
• Open for other games and projectsIf you have any questions about us, feel free to write to Griffin.
"Für den Kaiser!!"
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