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Random NPCs seem to be almost all the same. I see different faces, but not so different, and some types come back again and again. Maybe your procedural face generation is too mild. Cursors on face generator have been reduced on their extremes, so it shouldn't be a problem to let randomness use it at its wider potential.
By the way, I don't know if cursors have not been limited too much. I can hardly meet any in-game character who doesn't look caucasian apart for their skin color.

Also, I already posted it on the Graphics Bugs section, but I repeat it here :

Age ?

I don't know if it's a bug (as I'm playing the game on lowest quality) or an absence of feature, but everybody stopped growing old after reaching 30-something. (ore even less). Calradia looks like Hollywood :p

That's quite weird to see 60 years old people with young faces, and it accentuates my feeling of cloneliness.

While I'm at it, a word for the NPCs eyes : additionally to being all the same, they are weird. They stay open wide and stare at a direction. When you've got three people in front of you like that... repeatedly... Strange. I got used to it (and it's certainly not a major issue) but I would be glad if this could be fixed.

Again, I do not know if this issue is bound to my lowest graphics settings. I hope so, so it would not add too much to your huge work.


I agree everyone looks the same.
And a lot of the helmets are a weird shape. Very pointy at the top, making everyone look like they have pointy heads and chubby cheeks.

Ahmed Reda

i agree with you that they all look the same , and it's actually unrealistic at all to see old people with young faces and the opposite !

however the game still giving that hype if you know what i mean


For the age question, afetr a quick look to community screenshots, it seems the problem comes from the low quality settings (seen in "known issues")

But it would still be better to see more various faces :p

(concerning helmets, as far as I know, it's quite well related to the historical period. Empire seems really close to Byzantine Empire, and that was their style)


What I do like about the faces is the expressions.
I was running up to a lord to attack him.
He greets me with a smile saying Hello friend!
When I say we are going to fight he changes to a sad expression and says ok, lets fight.
And he looked so sad and defeated it was almost touching.


Yes, expressions are great ! There is quite a bunch of them, and they work very well ! I always love seeing the lil smile on my torn-nose shieldmaiden's face when I enter a town.

By the way, hand-made faces are very well done.
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