1. Resolved Characters Not Visibly Aging

    Summary: Some of the characters' hair turns grey as they age, but other than that, they don’t appear to age. A similar issue from February is listed as resolved here: Cheats: I just installed this awesome...
  2. Bob Cholo

    Resolved Multiplayer age bug

    When playing any multiplayer game mode/lobby the characters spawn older than they should. It happens when picking specific classes of the game, like aserai archers or imperial legionaries. Npcs from captain mode are the exception. Screenshots:
  3. Hairy Yahoo

    Time & Death: Configurable ?

    Hello everyone, There are two concepts in this game which excites me and is a big moving forward from Warband in my opinion. It's permadeath of agents and replacing them with their off-springs. We all love M&B titles because we write our own story and for me having a dynasty that carries on...
  4. aG3NTo

    Resolved Beta 1.5.5 Age and Birth are disabled by default applies to old Savegames

    Since the new Beta i tried to open an old save and experiment around. The save has more than 3000 days played. Now marriages start with NPCs, but now no new kids are being born, and worse: My own kids who are underage are stuck at 17. So my main character will not age, my kids wont grow and i...
  5. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Is 36 the pregnancy cut off for Female MC?

    I remember reading that but it was many versions ago. However I 'm having no luck getting preggers anymore after 36, despite having beer, wine and oil in my inventory taking long vacation in my new town. I don't think I had enough baby yet. Edit: Got pregnant again so I guess it's not. Maybe...
  6. hsngrms

    SP Native Enable FaceGen (Body) Sliders

    A simple mod for enabling hidden character creation sliders including age, weight and build. This is my first C# dll mod and to be honest I'm not programmer, I'm just a curious guy who likes learning new things. Here my base code: using HarmonyLib; using TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade; namespace...
  7. Lord Badfox

    BL Coding Death from old age mod

    Is there a possibility to apply the characteristic "death by age" through a mod? I wish I could create a dynasty. I know the feature is in the game but not currently applied. Any advice?
  8. The ever-present marriage issue

    Hello everyone! I'm currently on my 72nd hour of gameplay, on my second campaign. I had to abandon the first 30ish hours run because of the infamous 10 year limit on the main quest (yey). Now I'm having another campaign threatening problem: I can't seem to marry. My character is 42 by now, and...
  9. jagy_CZ

    Unresolved [Beta 1.2.0] Nogand looks too old for his age

    Summary: My brother looks like 60 years old man, but he is actually 27. For his age it looks like that he is having 3 packs of cigs and 2 bottles of whiskey per day. This doesn't look right How to Reproduce: idk, start a new campaign and look at your brother Quest/Settlement Name (if related): -...
  10. Time-Skip option ?

    So I've been playing for hours and my children was never growing up. I tried to use console commands to make time go faster and even then it took me like an hour to progress 8 years with factions constantly declaring war to each other. If i played this normally, it would be just impossible to...
  11. Zyakan

    Everybody looks the same

    Hello, Random NPCs seem to be almost all the same. I see different faces, but not so different, and some types come back again and again. Maybe your procedural face generation is too mild. Cursors on face generator have been reduced on their extremes, so it shouldn't be a problem to let...
  12. Zyakan

    Need More Info No age ?

    Hello, As I'm running the game on the lowest graphical settings, I don't know if it's a bug or an absence of feature, but all characters of the whole Calradian world seem to have stopped getting old after they reach 30. I took a few hours to spot it, but when I discovered the Encyclopedia...
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