1. Madrøx

    WB Face pack olan moda Native faceleri eklemek

    Konunun adından pek emin değilim ama yüz paketi içeren bir moda native'deki yüzleri nasıl ekleyebilirim? Face pack'i hoşuma gitmiyor bu yüzden orijinal yüzleri kullanmak istiyorum.
  2. GalahadIV

    Min/Max values for facial features

    So I noticed like many others that a lot of the randomly generated faces in the game look a bit "samey", so I took a look around the game files and noticed that the Minimum and Maximum values for each facial feature are defined in the skins.xml file, and changing them doesn't seem to have any...
  3. In Progress Scary Eyes

    So in 1.7.2 Most nobles or any npcs in settlements their face picture doesn't load the eyes properly some of the eyes are black, red or just missing and its absolutely terrifying LMAO. Just letting the devs know for the next hotfix maybe?
  4. deuxhero

    SP - General Lipstick only makeup option

    All the options for lipstick have some other makeup paired with it. Since options with lipstick already exist, it should be easy to add an option that's just lipstick.
  5. dariel

    Face Textures Mapping Onto Hair

    Hi all! Anyone have a clue as to what caused this bug? In some faces of a new race (skin) I created, the face textures are mapping onto the hair. Here's a pic: And my code from module_skins: I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
  6. SilverFaith

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops A new concept about the look and equipment of armies recruited from conquered settlements

    hi everyone , i know a lot of people dislike the fact that when we recruit from a conquered village or town we recruit troops that look and use the equipment of the enemy I have a concept that might change that behavior and still give you some diversity while maintaining the unified look and...
  7. Face Templates,Facekeys,hair,beards etc

    Alright this is gonna be a bit bigger, i have some questions but mainly regarding face templates and how they work, i tried to fiddle around with it for a few days and there some gaps in what i would like to know: 1.is there a way for troops to have multiple face templates for a unit and have...
  8. New faces (1.3.0-hotfix3?)

    As funky as they are, I love them. Great job. They have character, they're memorable, they're ethnically distinct. Exactly what we need. Particularly good ones: Apys, Crotor, Muinser, Luichan, Mimir, Adram, Manteos, Joron, Luichan, Lucon, Hecard, Debana, Asela, Phaea. Even the ridiculous ones...
  9. Grafik Gesichter

    Eine Frage an die Entwickler (M&B 2 Bannerlord Einzelspieler) Die Grafik im Gesamten gefällt mir gut und ist auch zweckdienlich. Aber in den Einzelgesprächen mit z.B. Räubern, Lords usw... passt die rudimentär einfache Grafik der Gesichter einfach nicht zum Gesamtbild und verschlechtert für den...
  10. Balsam

    Need More Info Broken Lords

    For some reason, in my game pretty much the entire Battanian faction turned into big balls of stretched pixels. I did some testing and went into a siege to see if this is replicated outside the menus and character screens and it is. But only if i'm close enough to the lord, if i zoom out then...
  11. Zyakan

    SP - General Everybody looks the same

    Hello, Random NPCs seem to be almost all the same. I see different faces, but not so different, and some types come back again and again. Maybe your procedural face generation is too mild. Cursors on face generator have been reduced on their extremes, so it shouldn't be a problem to let...
  12. Zyakan

    Need More Info No age ?

    Hello, As I'm running the game on the lowest graphical settings, I don't know if it's a bug or an absence of feature, but all characters of the whole Calradian world seem to have stopped getting old after they reach 30. I took a few hours to spot it, but when I discovered the Encyclopedia...
  13. Butter_Lord

    Is there an edit mode like in Warband to change NPC faces?

    I love the new graphics but some people who i have to interact with in the game a lot have gotten the wrong side of the asymmetric slider. I feel like this one setting goes way to wild for NPCs and so many people look straight up inbred with the right side of their face a good 3 inches higher...
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